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Hail the King Chapter 232.1

Chapter 232: One Strike to Determine the Win (Part One)

On the stage.

“Not bad, not bad. You are worthy of my time, King of Chambord. Your strength didn’t disappoint me.” The Bloodthirst Knight who was covered in blood energy nodded as a strange light flashed through his eyes.

Fei loosened the tie on the cape, and his cape flew into the sky like a red cloud. He then stretched his neck and laughed, “Thanks for your compliment. But if this is all you got, you have disappointed me big time, Mr. Executive Knight.”

Although they didn’t speak loudly, their conversation was still clearly sent into the crowds’ ear via the special magic devices.

“Humph, how dare you!” The Second Executive Knight sneered.

“He is tired of living!” Both the Fourth and Fifth Executive Knight also got mad.

Although the ten Executive Knight weren’t on the same page, if someone looked down on one of them, it was equivalent to looking down on all of them. Since these three Executive Knights weren’t friendly towards Fei in the beginning, they became even more furious.

The Third, Sixth and Eighth Executive Knights looked at each other and shook their head helplessly. “It is hard to actually like a man like this king.” They thought.

After the crowd hear this, they got very noisy.

Since the establishment of Zenit, Fei wasn’t the first one who said this out loud. However, all the other people were thrown into the prison, and no one had ever walked out of the prison of the Imperial Knight Palace alive. This time, the King of Chambord challenged the dignity of the executive knights.

In the VIP area.

The expression on the mage genius Dean Kazola became very interesting.

On the other side, Beag Beyonce’s cold expression cracked as a confirming smiled appeared. It looked like a little girl found her favorite toy.


“AH? It’s him! He is the king of Chambord?”

About 500 meters to the south of the stage, the young king of Byzantine was so excited that his face turned red. When the two were fighting, he wasn’t able to see their faces clearly. Now after they stopped, the young king couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The one who saved his fiancée from the Blood-edge Mercenary Group and increased his strength was the super powerful warrior King of Chambord who was recently getting a lot of fame.

The young king was shocked and overjoyed to have found this out.

“So the king of Chambord is just as young as me.” After seeing the disdainful looks from the surrounding people, he stopped screaming and sat back down. However, he pondered to himself, “I heard that after the king of Chambord inherited the throne, the key ministers of the kingdom had seized most of the power. He had to play dumb to fool everyone, and he eliminated all of his enemies after he became strong enough. Our fates are so similar…… King of Chambord, he is like my idol that the gods made for me, and my teacher. I shouldn’t be depressed and give up, I have to be like him and regain control of my kingdom!”

Soon, the crowd around the stage got really quiet. Among these people, some of them were excited, some of them were shocked, some of them were planning the next step, and some of them were closing their eyes to feel the residual power in the air to improve their understanding…… however, none of them noticed a weak king of a weak affiliated kingdom had set his life goal. This was the moment that a terrifying king made his first transformation.


On the stage.

A sense of anger flashed through the red eyes of Kelud. It then disappeared as he shook his head, “You are a good talker, but that won’t help you. If you want to use that to disturb my mentality, you don’t need to worry. King of Chambord, you will know the difference between us soon.”

As soon as he finished, he moved.

His bloody warrior energy surged and covered the entire stage. As if the blood mist covered the area like a sea, both of their figures completely disappeared into it; no one was able to tell where they were.

“Wow, it is one of Kelud’s Key Power Moves – [Cloud Piercing Blood Sea]. The red bloody warrior energy mixed with his murderous spirit forms a force field within which the opponents’ spirit will be crushed. This is a blow to one’s mentality. For people who weren’t as stable and firm on their beliefs, their soul might be even crushed……”

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