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Hail the King Chapter 232.2

Chapter 232: One Strike to Determine the Win (Part Two)

Matt Razi was also in this “blood sea”, but he didn’t seem to be affected at all. His voice still sounded in everyone’s ear. He had a ton of knowledge, and he analyzed and explained the situation to everyone clearly.

“Ohoh, something unexpected happened. The King of Chambord isn’t affected at all; it seems like the blood mist can’t get close to him at all. A circular area with a three meter radius around him is clear from this attack.”

“Kelud moved. Like a phantom he is able to move freely in here, and can’t be caught……”

“A dying man’s cry sounded from within the blood sea. Kelud’s red blood sword energies hid in the sea and attacked from various angles…… it is hard to defend agains-…… Oh, it WAs crushed. The red sword energies finally shattered the transparent power shield around the King of Chambord……”

“The King of Chambord is facing a ton of danger……”

“What? Unbelievable! He opened his eyes…… the King of Chambord, who had his eyes closed, finally opened them…… God, what am I seeing? He crushed all the sword energies with one of his hands. Are his hands made from metal?”

“The King of Chambord moved…… the huge transparent fist mark…… it crushed the blood mist sea……”

The thick blood mist covered the stage, and only a few master warriors were able to see what was going on. However, Matt Razi’s words let everyone, who wasn’t able to see the battle, picture what was going on; the images were drawn out in everyone’s mind.

As Matt Razi finished speaking, the mist on the stage slowly dispersed.

Now, without the man’s comments, even the weakest warriors there knew that the King of Chambord easily beat Kelud’s famous technique!


Kelud was shocked. Before this battle, there were also other warriors who broke this technique before; however, those people were much more powerful than he was, and those people were very experienced fighters. And even those people didn’t break it as fast as this king.

“Nothing is impossible. If you know what I’ve been through, you will know that this level of bloodiness to me is nothing.”

In the Diablo World, Fei had experienced a lot of killing and massacre. What he had been through could be described as a living hell. Just in the map of Rogue Encampment alone, places like the moor and the graveyards were full of much more terrifying and horrible scenes that one couldn’t even imagine – numerous people who were tortured by demons and monsters to death, and their broken remains were everywhere. Fei also went through those places and killed numerous demons. After experiencing those, Kelud’s [Cloud Piercing Blood Sea] couldn’t shake Fei at all.

“My patience is coming to an end. Mr. Executive Knight, if you don’t have anything else up your sleeves, this battle is about to be over!”

An impatient expression appeared on Fei’s face.

The reason Fei accepted this battle was to get more experience facing master warriors in order to improve the techniques that he created. However, the pressure Kelud brought to Fei was even less than the Golden Sun Knight back at the Dual-Tower Mountains. Fei was seriously disappointed.

After hearing the repeated mocking from his opponent, the Bloodthirst Knight got really upset.

“You rotten dog….. ok, great! You successfully made me mad!” Anger burned in the red eyes as Kelud said, “I wanted to leave you alive, but you have to die now!”


A crisp yet violent sword cry sounded.

Kelud flipped his wrist and grabbed onto a huge strange sword with saw teeth lining the edges; it looked like a huge chainsaw. A strange red light flashed on its body, and a nose-piercing smell also came from it. As soon as the crowd saw the weapon, they almost saw thousands of prisoners begging for their lives.

It was obvious that this knight had an item similar to a space storage ring, and this sword was in there before.

Fei smiled.

Things were getting a little bit more interesting.

“This is the Executive Sword that belonged to the Seventh Executive Knight, and its name is [Desire for Blood]. According to legend, it can communicate with the hell. It is the sword that was gifted to the Imperial Knight Palace by Emperor Yassin when he established the kingdom. Haha, the real battle is about to begin…. Are you ready?”

Matt Razi’s excited voice sounded in everyone’s ear.

Fei also moved his body.

He didn’t summon his swords that belonged to the Set Items [Bul-Kathos]. Instead, he waved his hands in the air, and a pair of light metal gloves appeared on his hands. Dense metal scales and vicious back hooks added to the menacing look of the gloves, and the strange and complicated design for the knuckles displayed its impressiveness.

It was the level 6 Crafted Item from the Diablo World – [Death’s Disguise].

“We shall settle this with one strike. Get ready, Mr. Executive Knight.

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