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Hail the King Chapter 235.1

Chapter 235: The Name of King of Chambord (Part One)

No one expected the King of Chambord to start attacking.

With a shocking force in his shout, the most terrifying memories within these three Executive Knights’ minds were awakened. This unreasonable and unforeseeable fear instantly filled their consciousnesses. Because of it, all three Executive Knights froze at this critical moment.

During the battle with the high-level warriors, one second could determine the outcome of many things.

The attacker’s initiative for example.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three loud explosions sounded and almost broke the eardrums of people in the crowd. With a blank expression, more than tens of thousands of people watched the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Executive Knight getting knocked away by Fei’s punches like cannon balls.

“How …… how dare you?”

As soon as the Second Executive Knight landed on the ground 30 meters away, an angry and shocking expression appeared on his face. He didn’t expect the King of Chambord who was like a sheep in his eye to attack him like a maniac.

“Kill him!”

The Fourth Executive Knight shouted angrily with a visible deep fist mark on his chest armor. He dashed back towards Fei even faster as his green warrior energy lit up around him. Without any mercy, it looked like this man was trying to kill Fei with this one strike.

“Haha, you guys are funny. Why can’t I attack? Yuck! You three idiots, since you want to break the rules of the duel and frame me, then I will beat your arrogant faces up so you won’t dare to show yourselves in front of me ever again!”

Fei laughed and, as if his voice was filled with magical power, all the people in the crowd felt their blood start boiling. In the center of the spotlight, Fei took a step forward in the face of the three strong enemies, and his long black hair fluttered in the wind.

As soon as he stepped on the ground, a loud explosion sounded as if a huge mountain fell onto the stage. The entire stage that was 50 meters high started to shake, and the level 40 Barbarian’s force was completely unleashed. The pure release of physical force made the atmosphere ten meters around him very dense, and various colored lights appeared on his body as a complete set of armor appeared. With the ancient and magical sensation surging on the armor, Fei’s strength went up another level.

A huge phantom that was more than 100 meters tall appeared behind Fei like a totem.

This figure looked very vague, but from the rough edges, people could tell that this was a huge muscular golden figure who had a full-on beard. Like a pillar that separated the land and the sky, the figure stood quietly behind Fei. However, it released a tiny bit of its power, and this power was enough to block out the light like an ancient Barbarian Lord.

“Sky Frost Fist …… Covering the Sky!”

A huge transparent crystal-like fist mark thrusted out and collided with the Fourth Executive Knight who was coming at Fei. After the fist mark and the man paused in the air for a split second, a loud noise sounded as shock waves were sent in all directions. Although the fist mark cracked, the Fourth Executive Knight also lost balance as he flew back like lightning as blood spurted out of his mouth.

He had injured the Fourth Executive Knight with just one strike.

“This is the real strength of the King of Chambord?” People thought.

At the same time.

Second Executive Knight and Fifth Executive Knight were already dashing towards Fei with magnificent momentum like two beasts covered in vicious armor.

The Second Executive Knight’s body was upside-down as he struck downwards from the sky with fire element warrior energy around his palms.

The Fifth Executive Knight simply kicked at Fei forcefully.

At this critical moment, Fei didn’t have the time to consolidate the crystal fist mark. However, without a change on his face, he punched out. One of his fists smashed into the Second Executive Knight’s palm while the other one collided with the Fifth Executive Knight’s feet…..

Boom! Boom!

The huge noise made some people in the crowd start bleeding from their ears, as waves of devastating forces were passed through Fei’s arms continuously.

For that moment, even the Moro Mountains seemed to be shaking.

After another round of loud noises, the stone floor under Fei’s feet cracked even with the protection of the magic barrier. Everything under Fei’s knees was driven into the ground, and dust and chipped stones flew into the air and blocked everyone’s vision.

Three powerful forces that were beyond the crowds’ imagination were colliding and eating at each other ferociously.


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