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Hail the King Chapter 237.2

Chapter 237: F----d Off (Part Two)

The Third, Sixth, and Eighth Executive Knights who were standing by the edge of the stage walked up to Fei and said their farewells. As Fei stared at them with shock, they walked up to the Seventh Executive Knight Kelud who was still unconscious. They carried Kelud as they dashed back at the Imperial Knight Palace and disappeared.

Instantly, the tense atmosphere was gone after that mysterious voice.

For a brief moment, it was completely silent around the stage.

Everyone in the crowd stared at this king as they felt very dizzy as if their brains were shorted out. No one foresaw this situation; it got out of hand real fast. However, the King of Chambord surprised everyone as he beat four Executive Knights like dummies…… if it wasn’t for that mysterious voice, no one would know how this situation would end.

At this moment, something unexpected happened –


An indefensible force suddenly appeared from the direction of the capital like a meteor. That was the purest form of yellow earth element warrior energy; it wasn’t using any combat techniques. From four kilometers away, it dashed towards the First Sword-Testing Stage.

The target of this vast indefensible force was Fei, the King of Chambord.

Fei’s face changed color.

This force wasn’t something that his level 40 Barbarian couldn’t bear.

What scared Fei the most was that he felt like his body couldn’t dodge the attack after being targeted by it. The only option he had was to go against it.


Mystic flames appeared in the air.

Fei grabbed in the air, and two blades appeared in his hands: [Bul-Kathos’ Sacred Charge] and [Bul-Kathos’ Tribal Guardian]. As soon as the two blades appeared, a series of magical power flowed through his body.

These set items offered Fei various buffs such as +2 levels on all skills, +200 accuracy, + 20 fire damage, + 25 defense…… With these two blades, Fei’s abilities increased a lot.

Tink! Tink!

The two blades danced in the air, and various marks were left in space.

The body of the sword roared as the tinking noise resonated in the sky.

A red and ancient flame suddenly appeared out of nowhere and formed a series of flame swords. Like arrows shot out by a formation of archers, they all dashed towards the force that was coming from St. Petersburg.

Fei also instantly activated [Double Swing] which was a key skill of the Barbarian.

His blades could either attack two targets or one target twice simultaneously.

This skill offered Fei the ability to act like two level 40 Barbarians. In other words, Fei was able to instantly deal double the damage.

With the help of the set items, Fei bashed out flame sword energy one after another.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The flame sword flew in all directions, but they all ended up striking that yellow warrior energy from all directions. However, like eggs hitting a rock, the flame sword energies shattered and left a lot of residual fire energy in the air.

The vast energy was only stopped by this attempt by a little bit, then it continued its dash towards Fei.

“S--t! What is this power?”

Under pressure, Fei cursed as he sensed being targeted even more. As that vast energy got closer to him, blood started to leak out of Fei’s nose, ears, and mouth. This power was beyond Fei’s limit. It was beyond the limit of a star warrior and reached the moon-class elites.

No more holding back!

As he knew he couldn’t handle the force, Fei bit his teeth and gave up on the Barbarian Mode. He instantly switched to Sorceress Mode and used the skill [Teleport].

[Teleport], it could ignore all obstacles and instantly move Fei to anywhere he could see.


It was a light noise.

0.0001 second before he was hit by the force, Fei’s stiff body blurred. He disappeared from where he was standing and appeared behind Matt Raiz.


That terrifying force from St. Petersburg finally landed on the floor of the stage with a destructive spirit.

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