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Hail the King Chapter 238.2

Chapter 238: The King of Kings (Part One)

What he had wanted was to greatly impress the tens of thousands of people from the affiliated kingdoms around him with his image as a king.

He did not mean to pretend to be something else deliberately.

Fei firmly believed that what he had demonstrated by himself on the Sword-Testing Stage, such as the tough strength, the crazy courage to attack Executive Knights, and the valiant image under “Paladin Mode”…….all of those would have subtle effects for sure at a certain time in the future!

“From now on, you are only inferior to the great emperor of the empire. King of Chambord, you have become the king of the kings!” Matt Razi finally commented softly without hiding his voice. His words were clearly broadcasted as if it had been publicized deliberately.

Even Matt Razi had put away the cynical expression as well. He glanced at the cheering crowd below the stage, then he looked at Fei whose temperament had turned into that of a noble leader.

Having left his comment, the empire’s number one poet did not hesitate anymore and gladly drank a mouthful of good wine. Then he turned into a golden light and disappeared into the distant sky.

The perpetual cheers of the crowd below the stage had been surging all the time.

A Knight of Holy Church in black armor came up and approached Fei respectfully. He said: “Your Majesty, this is the invitation card from my lord. If your majesty have a chance in future, please come visit!”

Except for the symbol of Summer Palace, the black invitation card was simple and solemn in a square shape without an extra mark. The Summer Palace was the headquarter of the Holy Church at Zenit, and its image was stamped with gold gilding on the upper right corner of the front. Even for those top nobilities in the St.Petersburh, not many of them were qualified to use gold gliding invitation cards like this.

Fei did not want to appear as snobby, so he accepted the invitation card after thinking for a second.

The knight in black armor slightly bowed, turned around, and went down the stage.

Many nobles in the VIP area stared at Fei enviously.

The influence that the Holy Church had in the imperial capital was actually not weaker than that of the imperial royal family. Getting an invitation card with a gold gliding summer palace showed that the King of Chambord had drawn the attention of the Bishop.

Before long, the group of Holy Church knights below the stage urged their horses and left for the imperial capital.

The magic carriage, which had been closely guarded, left as well.

From suddenly appearing at the start of the duel to leaving freely at this moment, the mysterious person in the magic carriage had not made his or her appearance and remained adequately mysterious. As a result, it could be just guessed in a vague way that it must be an influential figure at the Holy Church, but no one knew who he or she was!

The departure of the Holy Church did not reduce the crowd’s crazy cheers. Instead, the cheers were getting bolder due to the lack of pressure and constraints.

The crowd around the stage were starting to leave in the crazy cheers.

Fei was about to leave as well, but suddenly ——

“King of Chambord, Alexander? Good, good indeed. Among the 250 affiliated kingdoms, you can be regarded as the number one. Although you acted a bit impulsively and offended the Imperial Knight Palace, you’d be ok if you be careful afterward……” A tall and handsome young man wearing an eagle helmet flew onto the stage from the VIP area by using the magic Wings of Wind. He nodded at Fei in a manner that was filled with arrogance as if he had been looking down. He stared at Fei and said: “Your strength has awed me. If you are willing to serve the Dean Family, the kingdom of Chambord will be able to soar to new heights after this competition.”

Fei glanced at him as if he was looking at an idiot; he then turned around and just ignored this young man.

“What is Dean Family? How dare you act in such a way in front of me?” Fei thought.

“You……” Having felt being disregarded by Fei, the young man in eagle helmet glared furiously at Fei as if he was being insulted.

Along with a fragrant breeze, a graceful figure with irresistible allure showed up on the stage all a sudden.

It was Beyonce, the most beloved daughter of the Beag Family.

The beautiful young lady, who was as cold and noble as an iceberg, stared at Fei up and down. She gave others an impression that she was actually haughty and unapproachable despite her good look. She came over and said rudely: “Although you’re still far away from my standards, I’d like to give you a chance. King of Chambord, you have been allowed to pursue me from now on. As long as you perform well, I might consider going on a date with you …….


Fei almost burst into laughter.

“This girl really felt too good about herself, right?” He thought.

Fei didn’t know which noble forces in the empire these two people standing in front of him were from, but they were almost exactly the same as the Golden Sun Knight Sutton and Dillies from the Hot Spring Those born with a golden spoon in their mouth all felt very good about themselves and thought that they were the center of the universe; it was stupid.

Two idiots!

Fei shook his head as he found them both funny and annoying.

While ignoring the two people who just showed up, he waved to the crowd below the stage, and that caused a mass of responding cheers again.

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