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Hail the King Chapter 241.2

Chapter 241 Suddenly Arrival (Part Two)

To be frank, they had a crazy trust in their king that was similar to how people of religion had 100% faith in their god.

This belief was based on the invincible image that their king painted.

This image was already deeply engraved into their bones and souls.

As everyone from Chambord looked at the direction of the stage despite not being able to see it, they suddenly heard shouts: “King of Chambord! King of Chambord! King of Chambord! King of Chambord!”

Tsunami-like sound waves came from the direction of the stage, and everyone from Chambord felt like they were standing in a sound storm. The loud cheers made them have a hard time standing up straight. They all looked at each other, and they all saw an expressing smile on each other’s faces.

“This…… his majesty won?” Oleg who mastered the art of flattering reacted first. The fatty shouted as he jumped up from the ground and try to have a better look at the stage.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Everyone moved. Within the camp of Chambord, everyone started to try to climb on something tall. Although their king ordered them to not leave the camp, they could still get to a high point and look far.

After all, they couldn’t hold back the emotions as they heard all the cheers.

In their minds, they could already picture their king standing on the stage with the long black hair fluttering. They would also picture their king being admired by tens of thousands of people and the Seventh Executive Knight lying on the ground bleeding!


Due to the number of people who got on top of the tent to try to see the stage, a few tents couldn’t handle this weight and collapsed……

“His majesty…… his majesty won?” Angela ran out of the central tent as she asked with her shaky voice: “Peter, Torres, tell me…… did Alexander win?”

After hearing this, Cech and Torres jumped off of their tents and single-kneeled in front of Angla. They responded respectfully: “Your Highness, although we are not sure of the details, we can tell for sure that his majesty won! The other surge of energy couldn’t be sensed anymore, and his majesty’s power is the only power that we can sense.”

“Great, great!” A bright smile shined on the girl’s face as she said: “Quick, get ready to welcome his majesty back! We have to do a huge celebration this time.

“As you wish, your highness!”

After hearing the future queen’s order, all the soldiers got hyped more as they started the preparation.

Angela, on the other hand, thought about the situation a bit more and then went back into the central tent to thank the God of War for protecting her Alexander.

“I have to smile and greet Alexander as he comes back!”



Fei put on a brown cloak as he slowly walked on the streets formed by the campsites.

He ignored the warriors and the slaves who were chatting among themselves about the duel that just took place; he was thinking back to and recreating the battle he just went through in his mind.

Fei discovered that he seemed to have a terrifying learning ability – he would learn and grasp on something that he has never thought about before after every fight. After fighting with four Executive Knights, he felt like the mists and fog in front his path of cultivation disappeared a lot!

“Could it be the effect of [Learn]? One of the three miraculous skills I got from Diablo World? Although I was smart before, I wasn’t this crisp.”

Fei who loved and praised himself all the time was even weird out by his own talent.

He thought as he organized all these new ideas and inspirations he got from the fights, and suddenly –

“Huh?” Fei’s expression changed.

He suddenly had a terrifying sensation as if he was targeted by a monster.

“Someone is following me? A super powerful warrior?”

Fei didn’t question the sensing ability of his level 40 Barbarian character. At that moment, he was sure that he was being followed. Also, this hidden beast was far beyond his level; Fei felt like he was a sand particle facing an ocean.

On top of all this, this person had an unhidden murderous spirit.

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  1. Wkwkland

    “Although I was smart before, I wasn’t this crisp.” now you are an genius!

  2. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  3. OG

    Du Du Du. Oh the suspense. What’s coming to scout Chambord?

    Thanks for the chapters!

  4. Kenichiwu

    So the stronger people never thought of wanting to have the potions that Fei chugged to gain his mana back? At least the prince wants to have what Fei has but the other powerful individuals don’t? Even though they can see the fight so clearly?

    • Rafid

      Well,I think the term ‘mana’ does not exist in Azeroth.Everyone watching the fight maybe mistook it for health potion.

  5. Zouave

    Thx for the chapter and I would highly recommend you to get a proof reader, qcer, as some spelling mistakes or grammar errors can break the immersion easily.

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