Chapter 242: Miraculous Skill – [Summon], Duriel (Part Two)

He couldn’t move, let alone dodging or counterattacking.

On top of his head, the energy sword struck down without mercy.

“Hahahahaha!!!! If you want to kill me, ask permission from a Lord from Hell first!” Fei shouted in his mind as he made a decision.


A light yet strange noise sounded.

The feeling of being targeted and restricted loosened and the feeling of freedom finally returned to Fei.


This was the first reaction of Fei after getting back the control.

At the same time, a huge blue sphere appeared, and it seemed like something was trying to crawl out of it.

“Roar! Stupid humans, are you looking for me?”

A pair of demon arms first appeared out of the sphere. With a power that was not from this word, it grabbed onto that terrifying energy sword.


One of the demon arms exploded into pieces, and blood with a pungent smell and corrosive ability fell from the sky.

“Roar! You damn human! How dare you injure the great Duriel? You are dead!”

From the blue sphere, a monster shouted as it crawled out of it. Its body was like a small mountain; it was at least a 100 meters tall, and its skin was red and tough. It looked like a huge bug from afar with its two front claws sharp and strong. Its lower body was fat and ugly with four pairs of short but strong legs that grasped the ground firmly. Its head alone was half of its body size, and strips of bone spikes on its body looked terrifying alone without considering the dense teeth in its huge mouth.

This monster roared as it charged out of the sphere.

This was a historical moment.

One of the four Lords from Hell, Duriel, the Lord of Pain who was the final boss of the second map in Diablo World came on Azeroth Continent through the portal!

Fei used the [Summon] Skill to summon this Demon Lord.

“What is this?”

The mysterious man who showed himself in the sky finally was a bit surprised after being all serious. To people on Azeroth Continent, Duriel was an unexplainable entity.

“You damn human, how dare you injure the great Duriel?”

The fat “bug” shouted angrily. The hard shell on its right claw was shattered, and it was still bleeding. Duriel sensed that the person in the air was the person who injured it, so it immediately opened its mouth and attacked.

A devastating chilling energy was spurted out

It was one of the trump cards of Duriel – [Divine Freeze].

“Dirty bug, you are looking for death!”

The man in the air seemed to be injured by this. He shouted in fury as another energy sword chopped down from the sky. It cut off the left claw of Duriel, and more blood spilled onto the ground like snow.

Duriel was in serious pain; it rolled around and spurted out more chilling energy.

“Damn! This Duriel is still not this mysterious person’s match!”

After seeing this, Fei knew Duriel couldn’t stop this enemy for long. This boss was defeated by his level 40 Barbarian Character, so it was reasonable that it was no match for this enemy.

“S--t, you are asking me to use my most powerful technique!”

Fei cursed in his mind as he used [Summon] again. In the moment that the mysterious assassin was distracted by Duriel, Fei stepped into the blue portal and disappeared……


At the moment when the portal disappeared, this mysterious assassin killed Duriel. This one of the four Demon Lord who was so impressive in Diablo World was killed like a pig after a brief moment.

“Huh? King of Chambord disappeared? How can you escape after being sealed by me?”

The man sneered as he stood in the sky and searched for the seal that he placed on Fei. However, his face changed color: “What is going on? Disappeared? I can’t sense it…… how? How can a little six-star warrior escape from my search?”

The assassin couldn’t wrap his head around it.

As he tried to do a deeper search, another powerful energy surge appeared as someone dashed towards this area from afar. The sensation of this energy was so powerful that even this mysterious assassin felt like he was no match for it.

“Oh? This sensation …… it should be that one on the mountain. Damn, how can he come this quick?”

The man’s expression changed again. Without finishing the deep search, he quickly dashed towards the Moro Mountains……

That powerful figure behind the man didn’t give up; he also went into the Moro Mountains.

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