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Hail the King Chapter 246.1

Chapter 246: Aren’t You The Boss? (Part One)

“Your majesty, Mr. Lampard, Mr. Pierce, and Mr. Drogba are coming into the camp area with the troops. Mr. Lampard ordered me to come first and inform you with his message pigeon.” The guard said as he single-kneeled on the ground.

“Haha, great!” Fei laughed as he got up from his chair. “Let’s go and welcome them. After our troops are gathered, I will let those people who laughed at us to learn the lesson!”

Everyone in the tent got excited as they followed Fei out of the tent.



After a long way, Lampard, Pierce, and Drogba who led 50 Bylaw Enforcement Officers and 25 Saint Seiyas finally arrived at St. Petersburg.

The reason why they were two days late was that it snowed heavily when they got to Moro Mountains. The 50-centimeter snowfall blocked the thin and slippery path and made it more difficult to travel across. Even though the soldiers of Chambord weren’t weak, they had to stop and wait for the snow to melt down a little before moving. Finally, they were able to take more risk and get past the mountains.

Just like Fei and the people of Chambord who came here before, Lampard and the soldiers he was leading were stunned by what they saw.

The huge city, the soaring magic towers, the eleven towers at Imperial Knight Palace, the mountain like defense wall of St. Petersburg…… All of these structures only existed in the mind of hillbilly-like Chambordian; they didn’t know that these could be real. Lampard had a history that was unknown to many, so he acted normally. But Pierce, Drogba, and the 75 soldiers opened their eyes and mouths wide as they all lost speech.

“Only King Alexander fits to control this great city!” Drogba opened his mouth and said something that was shocking and offensive.

Pierce’s face changed color as he quickly put his hand over Drogba’s mouth.

Lampard’s expression also changed. He turned around and said to Drogba: “You better control your mouth more. If what you said was heard by other, do you know much trouble you would have caused for His Majesty?”

The tough man scratched his head and nodded quickly.

Although Drogba was usually careless, Lampard was a brother-like figure to the former king and was still the Number Two Warrior right after Fei. Everyone at Chambord was respectful towards Lampard despite him not having any formal titles.

The side of the mountain that was facing St. Petersburg was much flatter. Quickly, they got to the edge of the camp area.

“Stop! Who are you? Get off of your horses!!” The outer edge of the camp area was tightly guarded. As soon as the imperial soldiers saw the group, they warned.

There were less than four days until the beginning of the competition. Any kingdom that missed the competition without prior permission would be charged with treason. Therefore, all 250 affiliated kingdoms were all settled in the camp area already. Since a lot of influential figures were assassinated today, Lampard and others who just arrived looked very suspicious. Before their identity was verified, the imperial soldiers didn’t dare to slack off. The imperial soldiers surrounded the group as if they were being sieged by enemies.

Lampard was surprised to see this. He made a hand-gesture and signaled everyone he was leading to get off of their mounts.

“They must be related to the assassins! Arrest them all……” Suddenly, a captain-looking man shouted as he saw the mysterious yet power armors and the level 4 Roaring Flame Beasts. He got greedy and wanted to keep those for himself.

Events like this had occurred many times today. Arresting assassins was the excuses these military officials used to collect money for themselves.

The corruption at the empire was so severe that stuff like this seemed normal to everyone.

“Wait, there must be some misunderstanding. We are not assassins; we are the troop of an affiliated kingdom who was here already.” Lampard quickly explained.

However, the captain didn’t listen to this at all. He just hurried the soldiers and shouted: “Don’t let any one of them escape! Arrest them all! Get all their equipment and mounts. Kill anyone who dares to resist!”

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