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Hail the King Chapter 247.1

Chapter 247: A Beast That Is Showing Its Fangs (Part One)

“What? These people are under King of Chambord?”

After thinking about the mage genius of Dean Family and the princess-like Beyoncé from Beag Family who were both almost killed by that man, the captain felt like a chilling execution axe had been placed on his neck. “What will happen if I offended that mad wolf who even dared to beat the Executive Knights?” He thought.

“You……you……are really Chambordians?” The captain carefully asked with a shaky voice; the smile on his face looked worse than a sad expression.

Lampard was a bit confused by the rapid change in attitude, but he was able to make some rough guesses about why that was. After all, he had been through a lot of situations. He thought to himself: “The king have must have done something shocking. This captain who looked arrogant is now so worried as if his parents are dead.”

“Of course!” Both Pierce and Drogba who looked dumb but were actually very sly instantly stood straight and answered loudly.


The imperial soldiers around them gasped; they felt like a thunderstorm was happening in their heads. Especially the captain, he almost collapsed onto the ground. He suddenly shouted at the imperial soldiers around him: “You idiots! Are your brains eaten by worms? How dare you tie up the subjects of King of Chambord? Do you all want to die? Quickly! Release them!!!”

After shouting, he couldn’t wait and smiled as he got close to Lampard, Pierce, and Drogba and tried to untie them himself.

“Ah, no need! Don’t worry!” Drogba got into the mood. He dodged the captain’s hand as he said with an angry expression: “I think this is good. Go ahead and strip away my armor so I can go to my majesty with a naked a-s! I want to let his majesty know how his loyal subjects are being treated.”

“Yeah! Aren’t you so dominating a moment ago?” Pierce understood what was going on, and he wasn’t going to let this opportunity slide. He started to shout: “Brothers, let’s give the armors that our king gifted to us to them, and let them take away the Roaring Flame Beasts that his majesty fed personally. Aren’t we assassins? Hehe, let’s ask our king to come and get them back.”

The Bylaw Enforcement Officers and Saint Saiyas were all sly bastards, and they learned a lot from their king. Although they haven’t figured out what was going on, they hurried the soldiers around them to strip them since their leaders said so……

The imperial soldiers were put in an awkward position.

It was their fault at first; they were trying to use the excuse of arresting assassins to fill their own pockets. A lot of them were doing it, and the high-up officials would turn a blind eye to this…… But if they offended someone they shouldn’t have, they would be immediately punished. Since they were offending the King of Chambord, they could be immediately killed to calm the anger of that monster.

The soldiers all looked at the captain for a response.

The captain felt like crying.


“It is all my fault……” The captain kneeled down on the ground and said with a terrified expression as if he was a criminal that was about to be executed: “Misters, I …… I shouldn’t have done it…… whatever you want as compensation, I will give it to you. Please…… please don’t let the King of Chambord know about this……” The captain reached into his pocket and took out all of his money as he said that. He begged as he pushed the money above his head.

This time, all the soldiers of Chambord were shocked.

“This scared?” They thought.

“Did the king do something unimaginable when we weren’t here? Did he marry the elder princess and become the son-in-law of Emperor Yassin? Otherwise, why are all these imperial soldiers scared to this degree by his majesty’s name?”

Before they could react, all the imperial soldiers around them kneeled down as well.

They couldn’t do anything; the aggressiveness of King of Chambord was known around the area.

After the duel today, a lot of forces put King of Chambord in the category of people that they weren’t going to offend. Even the imperial soldiers were instructed not to offend the King of Chambord when searching for assassins…… If the soldiers here knew this group of people were the loyal subjects of the King of Chambord, they won’t offend them even if they had knives around their necks.

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