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Hail the King Chapter 248.1

Chapter 248: Night Visit – Moro Mountains (Part One)

That night, there was a huge celebration party.

The fires lit up the nightly sky. Although the streets were empty due to the curfew established by both princes, it was really noisy and the atmosphere was really hyped inside the camp. Fire, wines, roasted meat, music, wrestling matches…… the Chambodians were expressing their joy and excitement freely.

Both the young king of Byzantine and his fiancée appeared in the party. When they visited Chambord this afternoon, they were both invited by Angela. Therefore, they made sure that they came before the curfew. However, due to the curfew, they had to stay at Chambord’s campsite for the night.

After the duel on the Sword-Testing Stage today, many people knew about the relationship between Byzantine and Chambord. They weren’t surprised to see Constantine and his fiancee.

However, there were some people who showed up surprisingly.

Most of them were from other affiliated kingdoms or representatives from big influential forces who wanted to get on the good side of Chambord. A lot of them actually already came during daytime; their gifts formed a mini-mountain in the central tent. But since Fei wasn’t present at that time due to the assassination, a lot of people paid high prices for limited Curfew Passes in order to get to know the king better.

“Cheers! For God of War!” People toasted.

“Cheers to King of Chambord! You can be named as the number one king among all affiliated kingdoms, and you are going to the number one warrior in the future…… Becoming the Martial Saint isn’t an impossible goal as well!” An elder noble who dressed fancily stood up and toasted. Instantly, people around him also raised their wine cup and toasted.

Then, they all looked at Fei for a response.

“For the God of War and our friendships!” Fei responded and chugged the wine in his cup.

“For the God of War and our friendships!” After seeing this, all the guests drank as well.

The ‘mad wolf’ image Fei created today on the stage by shaming Dean and Beag Family in front of tens of thousands of audience scared a lot of people; they were afraid that this King of Chambord was reckless and didn’t know how to handle situations. However, they were a lot more comfortable after this; after all, the king at least was able to show a kind gesture to all the guests.

Soon, the party came to a climax.

All the guests used this opportunity to present their gifts; they talked with Fei more and communicated the friendly will of their masters.

Fei chatted with these people friendly; the recklessness that he had during the battle was nowhere to be seen. He was in a black robe, and Angela was wearing a white dress beside him; together, they looked like a perfect match.

A lot of people in the Chambord military also got flattered.

People like Cech, Lampard, Pierce, Drogba, Oleg, and Torres were circled by people as they expressed their admiration and presented their gifts. Being effect by their king’s “greedy” mentality, they all took the gifts without hesitation. The four orphans from Hot Spring Gate were also being treated very well. Although they didn’t have much power and didn’t have any official positions, they were the disciples of the king. Actually, they became the most popular people that the guests wanted to talk to! Perhaps it was because the guests thought the kids were more gullible.

“Your majesty, I forgot to tell you something earlier, my bad!” Seeing Fei returning to his seat, old Zola walked up to Fei and whispered.

Fei waved his hand and an invisible force surrounded him and Zola; all the sounds were isolated.

“What do you want to tell me?”

Fei gestured Zola to sit down beside him. The information that Zola thought was important at this time must be serious.

“About fifteen minutes after the duel, thunder-like loud noises sounded in the Moro Mountains far away. Some people reported that they saw something unimaginable – some mountains collapsed and disappeared. It was rumored that huge energy surges appeared in Moro Mountains; the energy level was far beyond the level of star warriors. If there weren’t two top-tier Demon Beasts fighting, there must be two masters fighting…… The noises continued for about another fifteen minutes before calming down. For some reason, Zenit reacted fast. A lot of warriors were sent to lock down the area, and huge magic arrays were put in place to prevent the residual energy from spreading. A lot of people in the camp area are saying that an assassin that is a moon-class elite warrior was discovered and killed by the Martial Saint – Krasic……”

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  1. Eon

    Oh s--t. Well at least that explains how Alexander was put into a precarious situation. Being hunted down by a moon-level assassin and surviving despite being star-level 6 is quite impressive.

    • Eon

      And not to mention the moon-level warrior was a moon-level elite (~full moon-level 1-9?)…

  2. But Fei will most likely become the next Martial Saint probably

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