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Hail the King Chapter 249.1

Chapter 249: A Surprising Find (Part One)

Fei instantly got more cautious. He knew that these magic arrays were probably placed by the high-level mages of Zenit.

Fei switched to Sorceress Mode and slowly walked up to where one of the magic arrays was placed. He then closed his eyes and tried to sense the magic elements in the air.

Under the buff from the level 7 Green Set Item [Arcane’s Tricks], his Sorceress Character was now level 39, and this character was almost as powerful as the level 40 Barbarian. Under this mode, Fei’s sensitivity to the Fire, Water, and Lightning elements were a lot greater than the mage genius in this world. Especially after the obscene old man Cane had discovered the similarities and differences between the magic of the real world and Diablo World, Fei’s understandings about Magic Arrays was on the level of semi-professionals. After all, he learned a lot from Akara and Cane.

With the high sensitivity and semi-professional level understanding, Fei was able to slowly draw out the Fire Elemental Magic Array in his head after feeling out how the array was created.

“This is a Six-Star Fire Elemental Defensive Magic Array…… there is…… forty-five magic pathings……Eh? Wait, there are forty-seven. Such an advanced technique. I almost got tricked by it!”

Fei got more surprised as he observed the array closer. The person who created this array was on another level.

Although Fei was able to understand the array, he was unable to re-create the same array with his current skills.

Understanding and creating were two completely separate things.

“……Eh, there are more arrays. One…… two…… five…… ten…… There are more than fifteen arrays of different varieties? They completely protected the scene…… Such a big investment. To complete all of these arrays, there need to be more than six mages who are at least six-stars, and a lot of magic gems are required. Eh? Why does the empire want to cover this place up? Are they scared that someone might discover something?”

Fei instantly thought of a lot of things.

“Are there secrets in this debris?” He thought.

Fei felt like he needed to go into the battlefield to discover more.

It was fortunate that there weren’t more defensive tactics put in place. It seemed like the person who was in charge of guarding this place thought it was safe enough with these magic arrays and didn’t leave any warriors or mages behind. On top of that, there were a lot of demon beasts in Moro Mountains, so they would sometimes trigger the magic arrays. Therefore, no one came to check it out after Fei triggered one of them.

After Fei circled around the battlefield carefully, he found the weakest link between these magic arrays. Fei spent more than twenty minutes to sense this arrays and break it down in his head. He carefully examined every magic pathing…… Finally, his eyes shone as he found a way to avoid triggering the array.

The theory was simple.

The existence of Magic Arrays to Fei were complicated electrical circuits. Every single pathing was like a wire, and they together formed a complex system. But If Fei was able to dodge these “electrical wires” and avoid getting shocked, he would be able to get through them. To mages, detecting and dodging all the magic pathings was very difficult, but it wasn’t impossible for Fei who could activate Sorceress Mode as long as the “wires” weren’t dense.

The Six-Star Water Elemental Array – [Ice’s Anger] was just simple enough for Fei to get through.

Fei calmed himself down, adjusted his mentality, and got into the zone. He then slowly tiptoed forward like a field engineer who was trying to get around the land mines on the ground. He was walking in a path that was strange and random; he looked like a man who was drunk. He would walk forward for a step, take three leaps back, turn left, jump around……

If the mage who set up this array was seeing this, he or she would be shocked.

Fei’s movement and timing perfectly avoid every magic pathing at the right moments. If he was any faster or slower, or if he moved at the wrong angle, he would trigger the entire array.

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