Chapter 251: Entering the Capital at Night (Part One)

The military exercise among the affiliated kingdoms had been put on hold, and the search for the assassins from Spartax Empire got more ferocious.

Since the identity of the assassins was identified, the two empires all went into battle modes. Spartax Empire that had 100,000 soldiers around the border started the first small initiation, and Zenit defended against it. Two empires battled around the first and most important city on the border – Razor City…… every day, numerous white letters were sent into the Military Headquarter at Zenit like snow, and the War Machine got cracked up.

However, any information about the situation around the border was locked, and regular people couldn’t know what was going on.

One thing the regular people did know was that sh*t was about to go down; they felt a pressure that they hadn’t felt for a long time.

On the seventh night when Fei was instructing his four disciples from Hot Spring Gate on assassination skills, Torres came in and said that a mysterious visitor was here to see him.

Fei laughed. He knew who that was as soon as that person stepped into the camp.

“Ms. Paris, I haven’t seen you in so long. I thought you forgot about our deal.” Fei smiled as he looked at the beautiful girl who was walking into the camp. Fei didn’t stand up from his throne but rather hand gestured the guest to grab a sit.

“Giggles…… Alexander, you name is now well-known around the capital after the duel. Numerous people want to meet you, and it is hard to squeeze in. I only came after I got courageous; I was afraid that I couldn’t be let in.”

Paris was always in the same outfit; long white robe and a fresh rose in her hand. The contrast between the while and the red seemed to notify the people around her about her contradicting personalities. She was a cruel strategist that everyone feared, but she was also a passionate and intimate friend. This girl was smooth at switching between different characters and emotions.

Fei was used to this girl’s tricks so he wasn’t fooled.

At this time, the entrance to the tent opened, and Emma poked her head in. After seeing Paris, her face changed color. Like a furious little bird, she walked into the tent while dragging someone along with her.

The tent was lit up as this person came in.

It was Angela.

The girl looked a bit nervous. She looked at Fei with a little apologetic feel to it as she tried to pull her hand out of Emma’s hand.

After seeing this, Fei immediately knew what was happening – Emma had thought about something else when she saw a beautiful figure walking into the central tent. She dragged Angela here to catch Fei “cheating”. Even after finding out she was wrong, she still dragged Angela into the tent as a way of telling Fei “You have a wife, don’t fool around!”

Fei found it funny how little Emma was looking at him with a stubborn expression.

“Wow, you are so cute!” Paris was really intelligent. She knew what was going on and quickly smiled at the two girls intimately. She took out some precious gifts from nowhere and gave it to the two girls as an apology for what happened on the Peak of East Mountain at Chambord.

At first, little Emma didn’t buy it. However, Paris was on another level. She knew that little Emma was a nice girl who looked tough on the surface. Paris started to explain how she was also an orphan when she was young and got bullied all the time, as well as how she was rescued by the second prince Dominguez and got involved in the cruel politics to pay Dominguez back. She also indirectly conveyed the idea that she wasn’t here for King Alexander but to help Chambord take out Blood-Edge Mercenary Group……

Fei was stunned on the throne.

He was able to see from the outside how this Paris was able to quickly dissolve the hostility between them. Soon, the three girls were chatting with each other like long-lost sisters……

“No wonder Tanasha told me that you were in a very tough situation before.” Angela sighed as she felt very sympathetic towards Paris.

“Huh? Elder Princess said that?” Paris asked as she was a little surprised.

“Yeah……” Angela ordered the servants to bring up wine and fruits, and she started to treat Paris; it was a sign that she was seeing Paris as a friend.

Soon, the topic went back to the reason why Paris was here.

“As you requested, I have arranged everything. Tonight at midnight, you can bring a maximum of ten people with you into St. Petersburg, and you only have two hours to deal with Blood-Edge Mercenary Group. After two hours, you need to leave whether or not you have wiped them……” Paris told all Fei all her arrangements despite the fact that Angela and Emma were still there.

This straightforward attitude made a better impression of her in Angela and Emma’s mind.

“Two hours is enough!” Fei knew about the strength of Blood-Edge very well, and he had plans of his own.


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