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Hail the King Chapter 252.1

Chapter 252: Have to Wipe Them Out (Part One)

[Red Beard] – Granello was one of the key henchmen of the Second Prince Dominguez; he controlled more than half of the forces at Imperial Patrol.

Although this tough looking man didn’t have the influence and the intelligence Paris had, he was quite a character in St. Petersburg with his five-star fire elemental warrior energy and a smooth social skills. He was technically only under Paris in terms of status on Dominguez’s side, and many people in St. Petersburg had to greet him with respect.

People at St. Petersburg had already forgotten when this Red Beard came into the politics.

The only thing that the people could recall was that this tough man was standing behind the Second Prince when Dominguez was summoned back to St. Petersburg by Emperor Yassin; at that time, a lot of ministers were against summoning back the Second Prince who still had the identity of a love-child. Back then, this guard standing behind the Second Prince didn’t catch anyone’s attention; after all, even the Second Prince at the time were looked down at by a lot of people.

Six years ago, there were eleven main battle legions in Zenit.

However, the commander of the eleventh legion mocked the Second Prince Dominguez who just came back to St. Petersburg for less than one month when they were at a party; they were fighting over a beautiful female slave. What people remembered from that was the red beard; the red-bearded guard cut off the head of this drunk commander to protect his master, and everyone remembered him ever since.

That chop made the a battle legion of 50,000 soldiers disappear.

That chop turned the former eleven battle legions into ten battle legions.

No one knew what Emperor Yassin was thinking at the time, but this guard who killed that commander didn’t get punished; instead, he was rewarded by Emperor Yassin three days after for bravely protecting his master and got promoted. After that, he soon gained control of the Imperial Patrol and became the second most fear character under Dominguez.

Of course, the number one most feared character was the female slave that people were fighting over – She was Paris.

After a year, people in the capital started to address her as the [Demonic Woman].

At St. Petersburg, [Demonic Woman] Paris was the only person who was able to match up against [Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin and [Goddess of Intelligence] Tanasha.

The family the eleventh legion commander was also getting pressured by their foes in the empire, and Emperor Yassin turned a blind eye to it. Soon, that family only existed in the history. After that incident, people got one thing straight; Emperor Yassin really liked his second son! And it wasn’t impossible for the emperor to give the throne to him!

Since then, Dominguez became one of the most influential people in Zenit with the help of [Red Beard] and [Demonic Woman], and he was the only rival for Arshavin in terms of the race for the throne. Under this fact, a lot of noble families at St. Petersburg jumped onto his ship and supported him in the fight for the throne.



Today, [Red Beard] personally helped Fei and his men to get into St. Petersburg under Paris’ instruction.

One reason for this was to ensure the plan was executed properly.

Another reason for this was that [Red Beard] Granello was very curious about Fei. He wanted to see for himself; he wanted to see what kind of person this king, who dared to fight anyone, was. A hidden dragon who was about to soar into the sky? Or a lizard who could just spite some fire.

Now, Granello knew.

Of course, Fei didn’t know that this normal-looking red-beard guard was the fearful [Red Beard] who controlled Imperial Patrol; Old Zola’s intelligence report told him that there was such a character.

After expressing his thanks, Fei didn’t hesitate to ask them to leave politely.

Granello didn’t get mad; he left with his men in a friendly manner.

After that, only Lampard, Cech, Torres, Oleg, Pierce, Drogba, and three other strongest Saint Seiyas were in the room – of course, there was the singled eyed tough man who had his limbs broken and mouth stuffed.

This man was one of the six top warriors at Blood-Edge; he was captured by Fei a few days ago at the campsite of Byzantine.

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