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Hail the King Chapter 254.1

Chapter 254: Do You Want To Duel? (Part One)

“Ah…… life is like a show, everyone wants to perform at their best. When the act ends, only the top performer would be rewarded!”

Wine, golden cup, golden fan, golden robe …… A figure was hidden in the dark clouds. It was the number one Traveling Poets of Zenit – Matt Razi. As if he was showing off his poetry skills, he said those words out loud as he drank the delicious wine.

There was a thin figure that was standing in mid-air next to Matt Razi. The man was wearing a brown robe, and he was staring at the battle below him in silence.

“This little guy. Hahahaha, interesting. Is this guy with the mask the King of Chambord? Eh, the sensation is really different, and the battle style is different too. Instantly casting spells…… not really, but similar…… Interesting, I haven’t encountered something strange like this in so long…… Old guy, can you say something? Even if you don’t want to listen to me, you can at least let me know.” Matt Razi said that intentionally.

The thin figure turned around and looked at him.

“When would that person in the palace get cured?” Matt Razi took a sip and continued trying to find a good topic.

“Not sure.”

“Really? You don’t know as well?”


“Yo, we go way back.  Can you not respond in a way that makes us feels like strangers?”




“Hehehe, looks like he has some more secrets. He has a mage like this under his wings? Or is he the mage? What a terrifying mage…… He is able to cast out fireballs that is equal to the attack of a fix-star warrior. With this, he is probably a six-star mage already.”

On the sixth floor, Paris stood in front of a window and murmured with a faint smile on her face.

Behind her, there was a table. There were wines on the table, and there was a man sitting beside it.

This man was wearing a very normal outfit, but he looked magnificent. The long black hair that was tied together with a red band was fluttered in the wind. His skin was smooth and white, his nose was really well-shaped, his eyes were brilliant, and his eyebrows were sharp and valiant…… with all the adjective for beauty in the world, they would only describe 0.01% of his handsomeness. He reached out and lightly grabbed onto a wine cup.

The wine cup contained the top-tier wine; the aroma of the wine made the room a little bit dreamy.

However, that wine wasn’t for a human.

It was for a dog.

A little dog that lost both of its hind legs rested in the arms of this handsome man. It licked the wine from the cup as it looked up at its owner infrequently while crying out of excitement. This dog wasn’t a rare species; if it was on the street, people would pick stray dogs over it because the stray dogs would look cuter.

“Hey, slow down, no rush!” The handsome young man petted the dog as he smiled; it felt like he was talking to an old friend.

Behind the young man, Granello stood there in metal armor. His body was straight as a spear, and he was glancing around with his guards up; his hand didn’t leave the hilt of his sword.

Except for Granello, there was another person who was standing straight like a spear.

However, that man was standing beside Paris.

His golden armor didn’t look too fancy on him as a light pressure came off of him infrequently. It was Sutton-Chris, the tenth Executive Knight of Imperial Knight Palace. He was staring at Paris as if she was the only person in the room – care…… love…… the emotions that a man would have towards the woman he loved were all in Sutton’s eyes.

“Hey, Chris. Can’t you look at Paris a little differently? It is just too nauseating. Oka and I are about to throw up.” The handsome man who was playing with the disabled dog suddenly laughed.

He was really casual.

The dog that lost two of its legs was called Oka.

The man’s name was also Oka.

Oka Dominguez.

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  4. “He is able to cast out fireballs that is equal to the attack of a fix-star warrior.”

    A fix-star warrior? Is that a warrior whose strength is in-between 5 and 6?

  5. I wonder if the dog will get some Hulk potion? And a wheelchair harness-ishy thing you can see dogs witough legs use

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