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Hail the King Chapter 254.2

Chapter 254: Do You Want To Duel? (Part Two)

The Second Prince of Zenit who was really influential in the empire right after Emperor Yassin.

“Oh…… Ok!” Sutton turned around and blocked Dominguez’ view using his cape. This way, the prince and the dog couldn’t see his expressions anymore.

This scene made Dominguez speechless; he tapped his forehead in defeat.

“Oka, aren’t you going to come here and see how our friend is fighting? It is really interesting!” Paris who was standing by the window waved at Dominguez. Her attitude was so chill that it felt like she was talking to a friend rather than a prince of the empire.

“All of that battle is just boring. You can enjoy it yourself. I’m tired, and I’m just going to take a nap! Let me know when it is all over!” After saying that, Dominguez rested his arms and head on the table; he didn’t care for his image at all. “Really, I’m a prince, and I should be sleeping with all kinds of beauties in my palace. Now I’m dragged here to watch a battle…… Boring……” He murmured.

However, since he was so handsome, his casual sleeping position was very attractive as well.

In his arms, little dog Oka was drunk off of the wine. It closed its big eyes, and it looked like an alcoholic.

In the loud battle noises, the prince and his dog actually fell asleep.



“You…… coward! Garbage! If you have the honor of a mage, stop and duel with me!”

The leader of Blood-Edge was so mad that he was going to puke up blood.

He was chasing after this mage with the mysterious mask, but the mage completely changed his view of mage as a profession.

His opponent was sly as a fox. The mage wasn’t planning to fight with him; rather, the mage ran around in the buildings that were on fire. He was super-fast, and he was able to cast fireballs to kill the mages of Blood-Edge who were trying to cast water spells to put out the fire or ignite more buildings on fire. What was more shocking was that whatever he stepped on, the fire would start to grow from it. Soon, the entire headquarter was filled with flames.

It was no use!

These magic flames were hard to put out.

Gradually, the mercenaries of Blood-Edge started to back off as the flames grew bigger as wind added oxygen to them.

“Everyone, form groups and protect the most important buildings! All water-elemental mages, put out the fire!” The roar of the leader of Blood-Edge resonated in the sky. “Hold still for a few more minutes, the imperial soldiers will be here soon!”

“You, stop! You have stained the honor for all mages! You coward!” The leader shouted as he continued to chase after Fei who was making the chaos worse.

Letting a six-star mage to cast spells freely in the headquarter was like suicide.

There were only a few six-star mages in St. Petersburg, and they were all famous and prestige. Blood-Edge tried hard to get on their good sides by giving gifts to them. Although they didn’t manage to build a strong relationship, there wasn’t any hostility between them. Also, those mages valued their image and won’t do what this mage was doing. This mage in front of him was more like a thief.

“Who is this devil that can instantly cast spells?”

“Could it be……”

The worse possible person popped into the leader’s head, and his expression turned cold.

At this moment –

“You want to duel with me?”

The mage that was running around suddenly stopped on a warrior statue, and the fire under his feet instantly ignited the stone; the fire was so terrifying that it looked like it could burn anything in this world into ashes. This mage laughed: “Hahaha, ok.  I will give you this one opportunity. If you can take this strike, I will leave here right away!” When he said that, the mysterious mask on his face rippled.

A magnificent magic elemental surge waved outward from this mage.

As if all the flames in the area heard the call, they all burned towards this mage viciously.

With a serious expression, the leader of Blood-Edge concentrated his power as he waited for his opponent’s strike. He knew that the “strike” of this terrifying mage would be on another level, and his muscles all tensed up around his bones; he was so concentrated that his warrior energy, spiritual power, and physical strength were in a perfect harmony. He was ready to take on the strike.

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