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Hail the King Chapter 256.1

Chapter 256: Mysterious Call (Part One)

“Eh…… Are you ok?” After scolding the disciple, Fei turned into a caring elder and asked.

“It is not serious. I have help from the battle armor, and only some of my internal organs are lightly injured. After I drank the potion, I’m all healed.” A shy smile appeared on Inzagi’s cold face.

Fei nodded.

He turned to the dead leader of Blood-Edge and took the blue robe that was made from the fur of level 7 Demon Beast Blue Fox. Fei was attracted to this battle robe from the beginning. The robe contained an ice elemental magic power; the robe was durable and was able to increase the power of ice-elemental warrior energy. Although the back of the robe had a hole, which was poked out by the knife Inzagi had, the value of this robe was still high.

Fei threw it into his storage ring.

“Huh? This…… Send my command. Let Lampard and others slow people down and drag on the time. Don’t kill off all the members of Blood-Edge, I need to take care of some stuff.” Fei suddenly sensed something and said to Inzagi.

“Yes, master.” Inzagi responded politely and disappeared into the darkness.

After closing his eyes and sensing the direction a little, Fei finally determined the way and dashed into the flames. He walked into the number one palace at the headquarter of Blood-Edge and started searching.


“Blood-Edge is done fore!”

The young man who was witnessing this from the tall tower sighed; however, his eyes still looked energetic. After a moment of hesitation, he walked down the tower and disappeared into the darkness.

“Since Blood-Edge is done, it is time to claim the rewards.”


“King of Chambord still hasn’t appeared yet. Could it be……”

Under the protection of the [Iron Blood Legion], [Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin was trying to spot the man he was looking for. However, that figure never appeared…… Arshavin was more confused.

“Who could be that mysterious mage be? A six-star mage…… He shouldn’t be nameless. But why don’t I know anything about this mage from the intelligence report?” He thought.

Arshavin felt like he was being very anxious; there seemed to be a veil that was covering the truth, and he wasn’t able to reveal it.

“Quick! Investigate!” Arshavin commanded with his cold voice.

“Yes, your highness.” An armored soldier kneeled as he responded. After that, this soldier got up and left.

As henchmen that were training by the elder prince of Zenit, they had been with this [Zenit’s God of War] through numerous battles. They were unparalleled loyal to the prince, and they had an understanding of each other that were unprecedented. The soldiers knew exactly what the prince wanted and what to do after hearing the single word “investigate”.


In the sky, on top of the dark clouds.

“Old guy, did you see through him? Is that mage with the mask Alexander?” Matt Razi scratched his head. After all this time, he still couldn’t figure it out.

“No.” The thin figure answered.

“Even you couldn’t see through him?”


“Hahaha, even the number one warrior of the empire, the Martial Saint Krasic couldn’t see through a young man? You couldn’t figure out any clues?”

“Completely different power sensation. I can’t be sure.”

“Huh? You finally said more than one word. Hahaha, let me count……eight words! This broke the record for the last three years! Hahaha” Matt Razi laughed as he opened his eyes wide.

Martial Saint: “……”

Matt Razi: “Come on, say some more. If you say more words, you would appear more terrifying to your opponents.”

Martial Saint: “If you say fewer words, you would be more likable.”

Matt Razi: “……”

Matt Razi: “Should I go and take off that little guy’s musk?”

Martial Saint: “Don’t!”

Matt Razi: “Again? Would you die if you say more stuff?”

Martial Saint: “……”



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