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Hail the King Chapter 258.2

Chapter 258: Are You? (Part Two)

After summoning out his armor and dual-swords from Diablo World, he stepped into the portal without much hesitation.

In the next second, a dark space appeared in front of Fei’s eyes.

Before he was able to see anything else, bones filled his vision.

It was a golden skeleton.

Different from the bones of the slaves and craftsmen that were really weak, this skeleton looked as if it was made from pure gold. It was shiny, but it was a lot smaller than an ordinary person; it was only about 1.2 meters tall. The skeleton was complete, and it was standing there still. Its arms were grabbing onto a huge battle axe that had a red fire symbol on it, and the skeleton looked like it was guarding and protecting something.



“Shiz! The mercenary group is done…… fortunately, I have a Plan B!”

With the fires in the background, one of the six top fighters of Blood-Edge [Earthy Tiger] Cahill looked at the buildings that were being devoured by the flames. He was running away with 20 of his henchmen and the treasures that he accumulated over the years.

Blood-Edge’s headquarter was really big; with huge defense wall-like buildings that cut off the access from the outside, there were only four exits.

[Earthy Tiger] Cahill and his henchmen looked relieved as they were only about 20 meters away from getting out on the west end.

As long as they could get out of this exit, they would be able to disappear into the capital like a drop of water into the ocean; zero traces of them could be found as they were really familiar with the terrain and the structure of St. Petersburg. After all, every b-----d had his own escaped planned out ahead of time; they were confident that they couldn’t be traced by any organization.

“Quick, follow me…… Right, Andy, did you bring those two girls?” Cahill asked in a low voice.

“Head, don’t worry, I got it.” A short and thin mercenary with an eye patch sneered. Beside him, there was another tall and strong mercenary. Both of them had a big bag on their shoulders, and it was clear that two people were locked in the bags under the light of the moon and the torches. However, it was obvious that those two girls’ mouths had been stuffed. They were only able to whine in desperation.

“Too scary! Real scary! Who is that mysterious mage with that mask? He is a devil from hell! The leader with five-star ice-elemental warrior energy is quite a character in the empire, but that devil easily chopped his head off.” One of the mercenaries sighed as he staggered.

“Doesn’t matter who he is….. We made it out…… Hahaha, when we actually get free, we can vent off our frustration on these two girls, heheheh.” Some mercenaries were just glad that they were lucky.

“Shut up, all of you!” Cahill turned around and shouted in a low voice: “I have plans with those two girls, so don’t lay your fingers on them! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless.” His expression looked cruel.

All his henchmen didn’t dare to say anything.

After seeing this, Cahill turned his head back around. However, before he could keep running, his pupil contracted, and cold sweat slid down his forehead.

In front of him, there was a man with a huge sword stabbed into the ground. This figure was bulky, and he was standing in the shadow of the walls. With a set of mysterious armor, this man looked like an invincible lion. He was wearing a layer of stars, his red hair was fluttering in the air, and his capes was making a lot of noises in the wind.

Powerful. A terrifying sensation came off of this figure.

The mercenaries only took one look at this man, and they already felt like they were like stray dogs standing in front of a king of the jungle. The flood-like momentum that was being given off by this man was shocking.

“Who…… Who are you?” Although Cahill was a strong character, his voice was shaking as he knew he was no match for this man.

“Blood-Edge?” The man asked with a clear voice.

“Who…… Who are you?” The mercenaries’ face changed color; they knew that this man was after them.

“Are you guys a part of Blood-Edge Mercenary Group?”

Tick, tick, tick…… It was the noise of upper teeth colliding with the lower teeth rapidly. The mercenaries had already sensed the murderous intent coming off of the man, and they felt like this was their end. They had imposed this desperation feel onto their powerless victims, and they felt like great rulers of other people’s destiny. However, when they were on the other side of the table, they suddenly realized how scary the desperation was.

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