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Hail the King Chapter 259.1

Chapter 259: I’m Late Again? (Part One)

“You are not going to admit it? So you are?” Under the stars, that man slowly pulled out the sword by the exit. “Zodiac Leo Saint Seiya Frank-Lampard of Chambord is here to kill!”


Until now, the Blood-Edge Mercenaries finally knew where the origin of this chaos was.

“King of Chambord?”

“Actually him?”

“Let’s all attack! Kill him!” Cahill was a little scared. He commanded his henchmen to initiate the attack while he slowly backed off; he was already thinking of his escape.

But at the next moment –

Clench of the fist.

At the center of Lampard’s fist, a bright dot shone; it was so bright that it lit up the nightly sky.

This dot was as bright as lightning, and it hurt the eyes of all the mercenaries. Then, the dot branched out and created numerous fishnet like light strands.

Lightning Speed Fist!

The mercenaries felt like their visions blurred, and the man in front of them disappeared.

They were all standing still, but they realized that they lost the control of their bodies. While they were surprised, they suddenly heard a series of dense ramming noises.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

It sounded like fists hitting the metal armors. All the mercenaries were shocked to find numerous caved fists marks on each other’s armors. As if they were hit by invisible fists, a series of bone crackling noises sounded; even Cahill got his bones broken.

The only people that were unharmed were the two girls inside the bags on the two mercenaries’ shoulders.

“Fast…… fast…… such fast…… fist……. I…… You……”

As his pupils started to dilute, [Earthy Tiger] Cahill started to realize that the lightning-like light web was actually the paths of his opponent’s fists. The speed of those fists was so fast that he didn’t catch them at all. Only after that man finished the attack, they felt the desperation as the powerful energy destroyed their bodies.

There was no way that they could have dodged that attack.

“How powerful is he? How can he use something like this?” The mercenaries thought to themselves.

“With strength like this, he is not weaker than the leader…… How can someone like him be so loyal to the King of Chambord?”

“Just how powerful are the Chambordians?”

When he was dying, Cahill finally understood what kind of enemy Blood-Edge created for itself. At the same time, he knew that what happened tonight wasn’t just an assassination of their leader; he felt like the King of Chambord had already planned everything out, and it was impossible for anyone at Blood-Edge to escape.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Clouds of blood mists appeared.

The mercenaries of Blood-Edge exploded like bombs, and their bone fragments and tore organs stained the walls. This terrifying scene was created by Lampard who injected his lightning elemental warrior energy and fist power into the mercenaries’ bodies.

Died without leaving behind full corpses.

“Ounn……” Terrified whining sounded from the bags as they landed on the ground.

Lampard frowned as he looked at them.

At this time, another figure suddenly appeared by the exit. After that figure saw the scene, he was stunned: “Eh…… all killed? Damn, I’m late!”


“Hahaha, this path is blocked!”

Under the moonlight, Pierce and Drogba who summoned their Capricorn and Taurus Star Saint Set looked like two Iron Gods of Slaughter. They stood in the middle of the exit on the east side of Blood-Edge’s headquarter, and they sneered viciously at the mercenaries who were running towards them. Their huge bodies completely blocked the path for the thirty to fourth mercenaries.

“Who are you?”

“F--k off!”

“You want to die?”


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