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Hail the King Chapter 259.2

Chapter 259: I’m Late Again? (Part Two)

The mercenaries of Blood-Edge who were running for their lives swung their chilling weapons as they rushed towards the two men; they weren’t really scared as they had the numbers advantage. Among them, there were warriors who hadn’t even met the star-level requirements, there were three-star warriors, and one of the six top-tier fighters of Blood-Edge – [Violent Lizard] Danti was hidden in the group as well. They were all planning to rush out of this exit.

However –

“Hahaha, taste the anger of the Golden Taurus – [Gigantic Long Horn]!”

“Godly Blade of Judgment – [Saint Sword Excalibur]!”

The two strongmen charged at the vicious mercenaries of Blood-Edge, and the blurred images of a tough golden bull and an ancient sword appeared behind them. The two complete different surging energy appeared, and they merged with the two strongmen’s bodies.

At the next moment, the energy disappeared.

Both Pierce and Drogba appeared behind the crowd.

All of the mercenaries still kept their previous poses, but they froze.

[Violent Lizard] Danti; he only half-drew his sword, and he lost the opportunity to continue drawing.

The mercenaries’ armor shattered, and their weapons broke. Clothes, helmets, bones, muscles…… all of that turned into small pieces.


Blood stained the path, and the scene looked like the battlefield that got destroyed by a huge monster, and it looked like the battlefield that got pierced by an invisible sword. As the metal pieces landed on the ground and made a series of crisp noises, none of the mercenaries could be found.

Pierce and Drogba turned around and were satisfied with the damage they dealt.

“Damn, it felt good acting like a master! Huh? I killed twenty-five…… Hahaha, more than you!” Drogba counted the unrecognizable corpses and shouted.

“His Majesty taught us that the quality is more important than the quantity. Look at it, there is a mid-tier four-star warrior who had earth elemental warrior energy – he was probably one of the six top-tier fighters ……” Pierce rubbed his chin as he answered back.

At this time, the space beside them rippled.

Inzagi rushed out of the space and said in disappointment: “Huh……. All killed? I’m late again?”


Bang! Bang! Bang!

As a series of dense bowstring vibrating noises stopped and the magic energy surge disappeared, sixty to seventy human shaped icicles and ashes appeared by the south side of the exit. The mercenaries of Blood-Edge didn’t struggle too much under the magic arrows of Elena. With the battle bow and delicate magic armors, the Valkyrie-like girl didn’t feel any pressure. She was the Goddess of Archery from Diablo World. She closed her eyes and recovered her mana; she was waiting for the next wave of mercenaries from Blood-Edge to appear.

Inzagi rushed to Elena, and he was sweating so much that white steam was coming off of him. “Sister Elena, you…… you are so fast as well……” Inzagi almost fell from running too fast.


“Hey, Fernando, let’s make a deal. Can you just not move next time? So I can take the revenge for our fellow Chambordians who died in the pit as well?”

Looking at the mercenaries of Blood-Edge who died under Torres’ arrows, Warden Oleg realized that his [Corpse-Piling Shock Wave] was too slow to activate. Before he could send out the wave, the enemies would be all killed. He felt like he was the world’s unluckiest “brothel frequenter”. Before he could “shoot”, he was told to add money or else.

“Ok!” Torres answered.

At this moment, a series of noises appeared as a dozen mercenaries rushed towards them.

“Ahahaha, all mine this time! Corpse-Piling Shock Wave…….”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of bowstring noises sounded beforehand, and all the mercenaries died under the arrows like wheat under a farmer’s sickles.

Before Oleg finished the word “wave”, he looked at Torres with a sad expression; he felt like crying.

Torres: “Ah, sorry, I forgot. Just like what His Majesty said ‘conditioned reflex’…… Hehehe, you know I would get furious when I see them……”

Oleg: “However, you said that at least six times.”

Torres: “Ah? Really? I promise this is the last time.”

Oleg: “You said that at least four times as well.”

At this time, Inzagi who rushed here was about to cry. He propped himself up by pushing on his knees, and he was breathing heavily. He was so tired that he was breathing with his tongue. “Huh……Hu…… His majesty…… new order…… Hu…… You need to…… try to buy more time…… Huhu, his majesty made some new discoveries…… Huh…… So tired……”



The golden skeleton was standing there quietly, and it was reflecting off a light. It was obvious that this man or creature died thousands of years ago. His armor and flesh had corroded throughout the passage of time.

However, Fe still felt like there was a huge impeccable mountain in front of him. He felt like he wanted to kneel down and worship this skeleton.

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