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Hail the King Chapter 260.1

Chapter 260: “Demon King’s Wisdom” (Part One)

There was a huge powerful sensation coming off of this skeleton. The sensation was dense as mountains and limitless like the universe. It felt ancient as the earth, and it was vase like the ocean…… The sensation coming off of it was so strong that Fei had a hard time walking under the level 40 Barbarian Mode. As if he was carrying a mountain on his back, his steps were heavy, and all of his bones were crackling like corns being popped in the popcorns machine.

“This golden skeleton must be a supreme entity before his or her death. Although this creature died thousands of years ago, the skeleton had been kept well. This sensation is probably one-thousandth of the actual power sensation of this creature, and it is still way too strong. Compared this, the assassin who was after me that day is like a small ant.”

Fei was more terrified as he observed it more.

“What a lord-like powerful creature would leave behind such traces after death? In legends, a star-class warriors’ bones would corrode after ten years, moon-class elites’ bones would corrode after a hundred years, and the sun-class lords’ bones would corrode after five hundred years…… From the sensation, it is clear that this creature died thousands of years ago. Could it be that this creature is more powerful a sun-class lord? Also, this skeleton is only 1.3 meters tall, and it looks like a kid. But from the thickness of the bones, it seems like this creature was fully grown and was in his or her prime. Could this powerful entity be a dwarf?”


The existence of this golden skeleton was an unsolved mystery!

Fei then looked at the dual-blade axe in this skeleton’s hands.

This battle axe was made from an unknown material. It looked golden, and the handle of the axe was about half a meter long. It was thick on both ends, and it was slender in the middle; a perfect curvature was formed from it. On the handle, a ton of mysterious pathings and symbols were engraved. They looked like magic pathings, and they also looked like rough sketches of animals and plants. These patterns were tightly connected, and they circled around the handle until they reached the blades.

The body of the blades was about two-thirds of the axe. The tip of the blade was as thin as paper, but its back was as thick as a tree. With six blood groves on each side of the blades, the axe looked like a Phoenix that had opened its wings. The wings created two perfect half circles, and the halves met in the center and created a deadly oval.

From all angles, this battle axe looked like an excellent art piece; it was breathtaking.

Finally, Fei concentrated onto the six small hexagonal dents on the axe.

Intuition told Fei that things were inlaid in those dents, and they were lost……. The blade in front of him wasn’t in its final form.

However, Fei was not able to touch the blade.

The impressive sensation coming off of the skeleton repelled him away. Fei tried his best, and he found that he couldn’t walk within a ten-meter radius of the skeleton even when he tried to risk injuring himself. Even after the buff under Barbarian Mode as well as the Hulk Potion and strengthening under heat and chill energies in the underground cave in Chambord, Fei’s iron-like body was about to explode when he tried to walk into that zone.

After several attempts, Fei gave up and focused on other stuff in this space.

This space was like a basement or an underground tomb. It wasn’t big; it was only about two to three hundred square meters. It was surrounded by a type of light yellow stones, and the walls were very smooth. Silver light would flash through the walls mysteriously and orderlessly. What surprised Fei was that those silver lights didn’t emit a powerful sensation; they were very calm.

Except for the portal behind Fei, there weren’t any other exits in here.

Behind the golden skeleton, a cloud of silver energy was flashing around. This silver energy gave off a similar peaceful sensation as the silver lights on the walls. Fei slowly circled around the golden skeleton and walked towards that silver energy.

It was a book.

A book that was floating in the air.

The book was five-fingers thick, and it was in a square shape with thirty centimeters on each side. As if it was stained with blood, the book was in a dark red color. Interestingly, the pages were flipping automatic themselves.

Every time the page turned, numerous silver characters would appear on the vague and white page. It was really magical.

Fei observed it carefully.

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