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Hail the King Chapter 261.1

Chapter 261: Maybe One Day (Part One)

All four exits were guarded by Chambordians.

At the first exit, a red-haired warrior with a huge sword was guarding it. This man had a lightning elemental warrior energy, and his punching speed was so fast that it was hard to catch. Arshavin who was a six-star warrior was only able to roughly see where this man’s fists were. It would be very difficult for him to dodge the fists if he tried. Arshavin knew this man mastered a lightning elemental combat technique.

At the second exit, there were two huge men wearing strange armors. One of them was black-haired, and the other one was white-haired. Their muscular bodies would allow them to create a dragon-roaring noise whenever they swung their fists, and it made them look like two beasts in human skins. In addition, their combat techniques were advanced; those two techniques felt ancient and mysterious like the stars.

At the third exit, there was a beautiful female magic archer who Arshavin saw on the Peak of East Mountain at Chambord. Compared to a month ago, this magic archer’s power had almost quadrupled. The storm-like arrows and vast magic power on those arrows told [Zenit’s God of War] that this archer didn’t use any combat techniques. The damage was purely done by this archer’s lightning, ice, and fire magic power as well as her archery skills. However, this girl wasn’t weaker than the red-haired warriors who was guarding the first exit.

At the fourth exit, there was a handsome blonde young man. This man’s archery skill was like an art. He looked like an elf who was dancing under the moon as he used the bow and arrows. What was the most surprising was that there weren’t any magic power on the arrows that this young man shot out, but they contained a mysterious power. Arshavin didn’t know what power that was, but he felt like those arrows could pierce through any armors; the bodily protective warrior energy of four-star warriors couldn’t protect again these arrows at all. Beside this young man, there was a huge fat dude. Although he hadn’t got the chance to show what he had, he had a chilling and demonic sensation around him; it was obvious that he was a great warrior as well.

Four exits, six master warriors.

The six warriors with these powers would be invited and recruited by the superpowers at St. Petersburg as well as the top ten battle legions.

“Since when did the monster-like King Alexander of Chambord cultivate these master warriors? Since when did Chambord acquire such an impressive amount of power?”

Arshavin who had been through a lot of life-and-death moments on the battlefield was shocked by the one-sided massacre.

Besides the shock, [Zenit’s God of War] who was very influential in the empire sensed a vague threat.

“If this trend continues, would King of Chambord be strong enough to stand up against Zenit?”


In the sky, on top of the dark cloud.

The talkative number one traveling poet of the empire, Matt Razi, stopped talking for some reason. He squinted his eyes as he looked at the battle happening below him; he was so taken that he even forgot to drink his wine. The flames were getting bigger and bigger, and it symbolized the end of Blood-Edge Mercenary Group…… The speed of this ending was just a little bit too fast. It was so fast that Matt Razi even closed the mouth that he was not willing to close.

However, the eyes of Krasic who was beside him lit up.

Matt Razi caught that.

“Old friend, I feel like you are moved. Are you really going to do it?” Matt Razi asked.


“You know what kind of strength Chambord has now, and do you know what that would mean for the empire?”


“So you are still going to do it?”


“Ah…… There so many things that are not controllable in life. What can you do with powerful strength? What can you do with noble status? What can you do with everyone respecting you? It is all just a game, and only the most powerful person would win the final prize!”

Matt Razi said as if he was summarizing the journey of life.


Krasic moved, and he turned into the dash of light that disappeared into the darkness.




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  3. Yeah I was right probably, Arashavin, the “God of War” ( You need to be atleast sun tier to be called anything close to a “god” ffs…) will get hostile probably. Try and undermine Chambord and stuff. HOWEVER! like I said before, I think Fei will be the next Martial Saint, and will be cultivated by the current one probably! Then that would be a huge defence for Chambord

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