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Hail the King Chapter 264.1

Chapter 264: I Have Something to Say (Part One)

Atmosphere – Tense, heavy, and scary.

Fei was standing alone at the corner, and he was just smiling while observing the surroundings. He didn’t want to talk first.

“Hehehehe, since none of you want to speak first, I will take the lead.” As the person who set up the operation and talked to all parties, Paris laughed as she walked up and broke the silence. She was the one who was qualified to speak up.

With everyone’s attention on her, the girl walked up to Fei and said with a smile: “Alexander, let me introduce everyone to you. Hehehe, this generous and powerful priest is Balesi from Holy Church on the Holy Mountain. He is following Mr. Kaka, [God’s Favorite Child], on the trip, and they are temporarily resting at St. Petersburg……”

Fei nodded peacefully, but he was secretly in shock.

He faked the identity of [God’s Favorite Child] when he used Paladin Mode in the past, and he didn’t expect there was a real [God’s Favorite Child] in the empire. As the [God’s Favorite Child] of the Holy Church, this Kaka’s status was prestige, and he shouldn’t be after the money of Blood-Edge. After recalling that the church people were really friendly towards him during his duel with the Seventh Executive Knight, Fei suddenly got a little uncomfortable, and his guards went up a little bit.

After hearing Paris’ introduction, Priest Balesi who looked calm and peaceful nodded. He was really neutral.

“This is Mr. Cande, the number one warriors of the [Bronze Spear] Guards of the Fellon Family……” Paris pointed at the warrior who was wearing the bronze armor as she introduced him to Fei as well.

This Fellon Family was one of the superpowers behind Blood-Edge Mercenary Group, and Blood-Edge didn’t expect this family to give up on them. Fellon Family probably only did so after the situation became irreversible. Although from the information that Paris got, the Fellon Family didn’t support the slave trade of Blood-Edge, Fei didn’t have any good impression of this family.

It was obvious that the number one warrior of [Bronze Spear] Guard – Cande, who was behind the crystal mask, didn’t have a good impression of Fei as well. This man only sneered after Paris’ introduction.

However, Fei didn’t care. He only nodded at Paris to show his acknowledgment.

“These people, Captain Romain and Ms. Ziene, I believe you have met before. This is the fourth prince Chrystal, and the lady beside His Highness is the successor of Beag Family, Ms. Beyonce. I believe you also met her after your duel with the Seventh Executive Knight……” Paris’ attitude towards Fei was really intimate; it made everyone feel like she and Fei were a couple in love. She stood close to Fei and lightly whispered into Fei’s ears as she introduced everyone – “These misters are all leaders of other big mercenary groups at St. Petersburg. This mister is the guardian of the Soros’ Merchant Group’s branch at St. Petersburg, Elder Ladino.”

Until now, fourth prince Chrystal who had an ugly expression finally knew who this young man was. The young man who dared to make fun of him was the King of Chambord who suddenly got famous recently. After thinking about what this man did, Chrystal felt like he was being treated fairly. After all, the man in front of him dared to offend the Imperial Knight Palace.

However, the fourth princes’ competitiveness grew even wilder after knowing Fei’s identity.

Both of them were the geniuses of the young generation, but Chrystal was a royalty of the empire who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He had only been hearing flattering words when he was growing up, and he became very arrogant; he wasn’t going to let a little king of an affiliated kingdom stand on top of him.

For a moment, vicious lights flashed through Chrystal’s eyes.

“According to the plan we have in place, Chambord is able to get 30% of the total rewards after wiping out Blood-Edge Mercenary Group. The elder prince and the second prince would each get 15%. Preist Balesi would get 10%, Fellon Family would get 10%, fourth prince and Beag Family would get 10%, and the last 10% would be divided by the rest of the mercenary groups and Soros’ Merchant Group. We shall now proceed with the current distribution plan, does anyone have any questions?”

Paris lightly stated as she glanced around with a nine-pedal rose in her hands; she was wearing her white dress as always.

“I don’t have any questions.” Captain Romain said first; he was always smiling with his baby face. He looked at Fei and greeted: “Long time no see your majesty. I need to congratulate you since you became famous at the capital and Chambord is able to take revenge tonight.”

Beside him, the purple-dressed girl Ziene who always had a cold expression on her face showed a rare smile. The smile appeared on her face as if an iceberg melted and showed the flowers in the ice. As everyone was mesmerized by it, and she nodded at Fei to greet him.

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  1. Sawcrot

    I think it’s not Balesi but Baresi as Franco Baresi from AC Milan. You know the author like to use footballers name hahaha

  2. Pedro

    Is this prince stupid? or did he simply not hear Paris talk? The Baeg girl said she didn’t know the MC, yet it was confirmed just now that she actually does. Which means she’s either using him or making trouble for him.

    So yea… the 4th prince seems pretty stupid so far.

  3. Random Dude

    LOL, Mr. Kaka.
    In french, that translates to “Mr. Poop

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