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Hail the King Chapter 264.2

Chapter 264: I Have Something to Say (Part Two)

Fei smiled back politely and said: “Thank you.”

“God said…… greed is one of the original sins…… I have no issues with it.” Balesi from the Holy Church was still looking down at the ground as he said in a low voice.

“Huh!” Cande sneered. He was really not happy about this. Blood-Edge was originally one of the forces under Fellon Family’s control. It was now wiped out by others, and he had to share the treasures with others as well. Although Cande got furious as he looked at Fei, this agreement was made with leaders of a lot of forces ahead of time, and he didn’t dare to push back on it directly.

“Our Soros’ Merchant Group also agree with the previous agreement.” Guardian Ladino of the group was an elder who was thin, and he looked like he was above all the worries of mankind. He nodded at Fei as he said that, and he appeared very friendly.

The representative of Elder Prince – Capitan Romain, the priest Balesi of Holy Church, Guardian Ladino of Soros’ Merchant Group, and the representative of the second prince – Paris were all on Fei’s side. These four forces wanted Blood-Edge to be wiped out, and Fellon Family couldn’t really do anything about it.

But at this moment –

“Wait, I have something to say.” Fourth prince Chrystal suddenly spoke up.

Fei slightly frowned.

As if she expected this from Chrystal, Paris’ facial expression didn’t change at all. She lightly pulled a bloody pedal off of the rose and lightly dropped it onto the ground. She then laughed: “Oh? Do your highness….. What do you want to say?”

Her tone was light, and her actions looked casual; it felt like she wasn’t viewing the fourth prince of the empire as someone important.

In fact, except the second prince, she rarely cared for other people. Her beautiful figure made a lot of people at St. Petersburg fall for her; they want to make this haughty woman their own. However, a lot of people at St. Petersburg also hated her for her vicious strategies and plans. No one dared to make a move on her from both sides. Behind her, there was [Red Beard] Granello, and there was also the madman like Dominguez; the second prince never thought of consequences of his actions, and he was loved by Emperor Yassin.

After seeing Paris pulling off a pedal, some people’s face changed color.

The fourth prince Chrystal’s expression also froze a little. He knew what this meant as he suddenly recalled a terrifying rumor. However, he straightened his back after some hesitation and said: “When we came in, the King of Chambord was already here. It is obvious that he got here a lot earlier than us, and none of us can be sure if he had taken some treasures already.”

“Your highness……” A mid-aged man who was short and had a black bandana on his head spoke out; his eyes lit up as he heard that.

He was Burno, the leader of the biggest mercenary group at St. Petersburg. He was an influential figure.

With someone supporting him, Chrystal got more confident. With a proud expression, he continued: “For example, if there are more precious items here before, and they are all taken by someone ahead of time…… then the leftovers are just some less valuable stuff. Haha, to my knowledge, the King of Chambord has storage rings.”

As he said that, he intentionally peaked at the mysterious black ring Fei was wearing on the right hand.

“This that true? Did the King of Chambord arrive a lot earlier than us?” Finally finding the opportunity, Cande of [Bronze Spear] Guards got excited. A light flashed through his crystal mask as he asked a few soldiers who charged into the hall first. After questioning, he arrived at the same conclusion as Chrystal.

After that, Chrystal got even more arrogant. He sneered at Fei: “Hehehe. That is only the first thing. Second, we had agreed to divide up the properties and treasures of Blood-Edge. We can now see that the King of Chambord burned most of the structures of Blood-Edge. This loss should be deduced from Chambord’s 30% share.”

Your Highness is right.”

“Eh, that makes sense.”

“This fire destroyed most of Blood-Edge. All that is out there are just ruins.”

A lot of people in the crowd agreed with Chrystal, and those people from the mercenary groups and the big family chatted among themselves.

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    that dude is straight courting death like why are people so dumb seriously i get that sometimes you can use the pressure of the group to make people that are stronger than you concede and gain some benefits but thats within reason like maybe just the property compensation would be fine and you would have gained with out really working but to say he was here early and to mention his space rings is like slapping him across the face and violating him who would take that s--t honestly and as soon as you mentioned the space ring you were doomed to be in for a death match what an idiot

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      There is also the whole him being absolutely right thing and this situation representing major compromise on the eve of war.

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