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Hail the King Chapter 265.2

Chapter 265: Strength Lies in the Fist (Part Two)

Fourth prince’s aggressiveness was supported by others who had malicious intents.

The number one warrior of [Bronze Spear] Guard, Cande, stepped forward, and the ten warriors behind him also took a step forward. The eleven of them looked like Gods of Slaughter, and their warrior energies were unleashed in full. Under the bronze armors, the warrior energy flames grew stronger and stronger. It was obvious that the eleven of them had a set of group combat technique. The warrior energies had synergies with each other. The warrior energies present were a lot stronger than them being added together.

Cande sneered: “Fourth Prince His Highness is right. King of Chambord, I know you are strong, but you have to behave within reason.”

“King of Chambord, just follow the group’s decision.” The leader of [Resting Tiger Mercenary Group] said. This group was the largest mercenary group in St. Petersburg.

“Hand over your storage ring……” The leader of another mercenary group, [Palace of Light], stood by Chrystal’s side as he said.

“King of Chambord, Beag Family also think His Highness is correct. We are not ill-intended. We just want you to hand over the storage ring, and we can let the royal mages to use the spatial magic to take out the stuff in there. After we are sure that none of what you have are from Blood-Edge, we will return everything to you……” The princess of Beag Family, Beyonce, finally stepped out. Her method was even more vicious…… she wanted Fei’s ring.

“Give you guys my storage ring? It is not a funny joke.  How can you identify my stuff? How would you know if something is mine or from Blood-Edge?” Fei asked.

“Hahahaha……” The fourth prince started laughing as if he heard something funny. He was laughing so hard that he almost cried. “You are a little king of a level 6 affiliated kingdom. You are poor! What kind of treasures could you have? If there are any kinds of treasure in your ring, it would be from Blood-Edge. What is there to ask?”

The fourth prince didn’t give Fei any room to breathe. He wanted to use this opportunity to step on Fei more.

The opposition between them started before they met each other, and it exploded when they encountered each other. Ambitious Chrystal was planning to get the attention of all the forces at St. Petersburg by destroying the King of Chambord.

“This is a great idea!” The leader of Resting Tiger laughed.

“Since it is a great idea, you should hand over the storage ring now and return 20% of the share as the compensation for the fire……” Cande said in a cold tone.

“Since we all agreed, you should start moving. Give us the ring, King of Chambord!” Beyoncé smiled as she said.

Fei glanced at these people’s expressions and laughed: “Oh? This is your reasoning?”

“Reasons and rules are set by people with strength. A little level 6 affiliated kingdom doesn’t quality……” The fourth prince mocked.

“Hand over the ring!” Cande raised one of his arms and opened his palm as he said that. The ten warriors behind him moved at the same time, and their actions were in unison as if they were the same person. Their guards were up, and they were still in the group combat mode. They didn’t dare to relax when facing a master warrior like Fei.

Fei laughed out even louder.

“You are right. The reasons and rules are set by people with strength. Chambord doesn’t have the strength…… but you guys forgot one thing. What is strength? Strength is not about the level of the kingdom, it is not about the title of nobles, and it is not about the status of royalties. Rather, it is about the fist. The person with the hardest fist is the person in charge.” Fei stretched his body as he continued: “Which one of you is stronger than daddy?”

After listening to this, Paris laughed, Romain laughed as well …… Behind his men, the handsome man with the disabled little dog in his arms also laughed.

In terms of the fourth prince, his expression changed.

At the next moment, before anyone could react, Fei who was laughing changed his expression.

“Yuck! How dare you weak a---s play this in front of daddy? Do you want my ring? I don’t think you have the luck!” When the king started to act like himself, he was rough like a madman and tough like a bull. With a mocking expression on his face, he pointed at his opponents’ noses and swore; he didn’t care about his royal status at all.


Fei frowned, and a transparent crystal palm mark flew out in a split second.

“Eh…… Puff……”

The fourth prince Chrystal was hit by this, and his teeth and blood flew out of his mouth like a smashed watermelon. His body turned numerous rounds in the air, and he finally stopped when he smashed into a wall. His body slid off of the wall, and his face swelled up like a bread in the oven. His handsome face deformed…… with blood dripping off of his face, it was obvious that half of his facial bones were shattered……

“You…… you dare to hit me?” The fourth prince stared at Fei; he couldn’t even sense the pain since he couldn’t believe what happened.

The entire underground hall was in a dead silence.

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  3. Mohammedk

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    What the f is wrong with him ???

    • az

      ‘daddy’ in asia culture is more like a provocative term to show superiority and dominance, not THAT KIND of ‘daddy’

      • pipipopopopo

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    These people are pretty dumb and blind. Also, Beyonce (not the real one) needs to be taken down and passed around by some brothel. Annoying AF.

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