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Hail the King Chapter 267.1

Chapter 267: You Are the Third (Part One)

At this moment, the image of the King of Chambord and the second prince of the empire became one; although they were from two completely different worlds, they became the same person in the people’s eyes.


The leader of Resting Tiger Mercenary Group was scared. His lips twitched, and one cold sweat dripped onto the ground from his forehead.

That light noise was clearly heard in the silent underground hall.

“Didn’t you guys want my ring?” Fei pointed out his middle finger with the black storage ring on it. He pointed it at the people from the mercenaries group and laughed: “It is here, come and get it!”

Didn’t matter if it was on Azeroth Continent or on Earth, the middle finger meant the same thing.

However, these mercenaries from Resting Tiger and Palace of Light had already lost their arrogance. Although they were mad, they didn’t dare to look back at Fei. In fact, they all looked away quietly.

They were mercenaries; they had seen it all, and they were really aggressive.

However, aggressiveness didn’t mean dumb; they knew they would be killed if they tried to display their emotions.

After seeing what happened to the fourth prince, the princess of Beag Family, and the eleven warriors of [Bronze Spear] that belonged to Fellon Family, even an idiot would know this the man – King Alexander of Chambord, was nothing to mess with! It was obvious that this man was waiting for an excuse. As soon as they do something that could upset him, they would be instantly wiped out. There was no question about it! A madman like this king wasn’t afraid of the forces behind his enemies.

“Hehe, you afraid now?” Fei pulled back his hand and said: “I suddenly feel like you guys don’t qualify to get a share of this treasure of Blood-Edge. Get lost, don’t let me see you again!”



The two leaders of the groups were angry and scared at the same time.

They wanted to say something, but their last bit of courage disappeared after seeing Fei’s cold stare. The bloody smell of the blood mist of [Bronze Spear] Guards was still in the air, and both Chrystal and Beyoncé were still lying on the ground far away…… the huge and deep fist mark was still on the wall…… All of these made the two leaders leave with their men quietly without daring to say anything. Soon, they were nowhere to be seen.

Fei smiled as if there was a deeper meaning behind it. He slowly said: “Ok, now no one will be noisy. We can all talk about how we want to divide the treasure of Blood-Edge. Our Chambord will just take the 30%, and you guys can divide the rest.”

Now, Fei seemed to be a completely different person. He looked a lot gentler, and he wasn’t arrogant at all.

As if nothing had happened, people like Paris, Romain, and Balesi smiled and looked calm. They chatted with Fei politely, and no one brought up the storage ring again. They quickly negotiated and came to a conclusion.

Since the representatives of Fellon Family got wiped, Fellon Family’s share got distributed to the elder and second prince equally. Since the fourth prince and the princess of Beag Family all fainted, their shares got given to priest Balesi. And since the two mercenary groups got sent away by Fei, their shares went to Soros’ Merchant Group.

The soldiers quickly separated the treasures into piles according to the new agreement.

“I’m here because Mr. Kaka, [God’s Favourite Child], wants to cooperate with your majesty in the future. After seeing the heroism of your majesty, [Sky Covering Fist], I got what I came here for. Mr. Kaka is about to leave St. Petersburg in a few days. Before he leaves, he really wants to invite you to dinner. I hope your majesty can make it!”

As he said that, he waved his sleeves and blew 20% of the shares he got to Fei.

No warrior energy or magic power surge was sensed, but he moved tens of thousands of gold coins and magic gems by 5 to 6 meters. The piles of treasures didn’t change shapes, and that secretly shocked everyone. Fei was shocked a little as well. His level 43 Barbarian’s physical strength was paramount, but he couldn’t control everything so accurately. Therefore, the Holy Power Priest Balesi had was significant.

“Sky Covering Fist?” Fei was really intrigued by the noun Balesi said.

“Hehe, Alexander, the name of Sky Covering Fist is the nickname that some traveling poets gave you. It has been passed around in St. Petersburg, and these poets told your stories around the pubs in the city everyday……” Paris giggled as she explained while fixing her hair.

Fei rolled his eyes.

The name of Sky Covering Fist…… it was really bad…… it sounded like the name of a bandit.

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    That dude’s way of getting the money is what Im thinking Fei’s gonna do too bad he doesn’t have enough skill.

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