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Hail the King Chapter 267.2

Chapter 267: You Are the Third (Part Two)

“Hehe, these gold coins and magic gems are my presents to your majesty. Please don’t reject them.”

As Balesi said that, he waved his hands and stored all the high-level armors and weapons into his own storage ring. Before everyone could react, he turned around and walked back towards the gate. He looked slow, but he was really fast. In a few seconds, he was nowhere to be seen.

No one expected that.

Fei was a little surprised. Although he didn’t know what this priest was up to, his expression didn’t change.

A silver light flashed by, and Fei sucked all the treasures that belonged to him into his ring.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect Mr. Kaka to be so interested in you. The big pie of Blood-Edge got a lot of forces hungry, but you got the biggest portion……” Paris’ smile was beautiful as always. She pulled off another pedal of the rose and placed in her hair. As the wind blew down the tunnel and into the underground hall, her white dress and black hair fluttered. That moment of beauty took almost everyone by surprise.

“You can only see the good but not the bad.” Fei said seriously: “Numerous Chambord citizens died in the mine pit, and that was how Blood-Edge build up its fortune. What I’m taking today is well owed!”

“I’m only kidding! Why are you so serious?” Paris smiled, and a special light flashed through her beautiful eyes. She turned around and walked to [Red Beard] Granello. After she said something to him, she turned back and said to Fei: “It is almost dawn. I will walk you guys out of here. What happened tonight will cause a series of waves at the Capital!”

Fei nodded; he knew she was right.

Didn’t matter how careful this operation was planned, such event would cause an uproar among the civilians. Even though the big forces knew what happened, the officials needed to give an explanation to the regular people.

What was going on in St. Petersburg wasn’t calm.

After chatting with Romain and Ziene and telling them to convey his greeting to Tanasha, Fei said goodbyes to them. Then, he followed Paris and walked toward the exit.

“Hey boy, wait a second.”

As Fei was passing by the Imperial Patrol and Granello, the handsome young man with the disable dog in his arms suddenly opened his sleepy eyes and said.

The atmosphere suddenly got tense after this young man spoke.

“Eh? What is up?” Fei lightly frowned.

Although Fei noticed that this extremely handsome man only said one line the whole night and he looked weak as if he was a non-important bystander, this man seemed to have attracted the attention of everyone. Even both Paris and Granello who stood in front of him didn’t dare to block his view. Like stars around the sun, all the guards surrounded this man as if he was the center of the galaxy.

A pair of lazy yet sharp eyes carefully observed Fei as the man said: “I’m Oka, Oka Dominguez. I like you.”

Fei’s face changed color.

Although Fei clenched his a-s after he was “confessed” to by this handsome man in public, he wasn’t reacting to that. What surprised him was that this man was the second prince of Zenit; the legendary man that rivaled [Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin.

Fei was guessing this man’s identity when he came in.

But the king didn’t expect this handsome man to be a prince of Zenit.

Another question Fei had was why this man called himself Oka Dominguez. “Shouldn’t he be called Andrew Dominguez?” Fei thought.

Of course, all of those thoughts only flashed through his brain in a split second.

“Nice to meet you, Your Highness.” Fei didn’t know how to respond to this “confession”, so he lowered his head and greeted.

“Hey, hey, hey. I told you I’m Oka. You can call me Oka from now on. Hahaha, kid, you are lucky. You are only the third person who is allowed to call me Oka in Zenit.”

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      • No, I don’t think so. She is the elder prince, so there must be a third prince that is not yet mentioned.

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