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Hail the King Chapter 269.1

Chapter 269:  Wishing for that Day (Part One)

Fei opened his mouth in surprise and took a moment before speaking: “okay, um…I really would not have guessed. I thought that the two other qualified people would be Emperor Yassin or other influential figures who lived in the Imperial Capital.”

“Influential figures…Haha, did you really think that anyone else can compare to his highness, Dominguez? Nevertheless, I’m surprised as well. I can’t believe his highness let you call him by his first name, Oka, when you met him for the first time today…he seems to like you!”

As Paris spoke, she took out the jade plate that revealed her identity and showed it to the guarding soldier up front so he would let them through. Then, she turned around and showed a glistening smile.

Fei was at a loss for words.

Being liked by a man…they should probably talk about something else.

“I heard that the empire has declared war against Spartax. As a king of an affiliated kingdom, may I ask how the battle is going?” Fei quickly changed the subject.

Paris shook her head. “No one knows this better than the nobles that control the military. Spartax Empire deployed more than a hundred thousand troops by their border as early as autumn, and three of the ten battle legions of the empire were sent to Razor City, one of the key cities at the border. The newest information is that since the declaration of war, both empires have been battling around the Razor City region for more than ten days. There have been wins and losses, but the good news is that Bolun Zhang, the second famous general of Zenit, is in control of the overall situation, so it doesn’t seem to be too bad…”

“Really? You make General Bolun Zhang sound very experienced.”

“Of course he is. Before the first prince rose to power, General Bolun Zhang was the ultimate military authority of Zenit for fifteen years. He was a very famous general.” Paris furrowed her prominent eyebrows as she explained. “Has the king of Chambord never heard of Bolun Zhang, once the number one general of the empire?” She wondered with curiosity since most princes of affiliated kingdoms treated this person as their idol.

Fei shrugged his shoulders and used his actions to quietly tell her that he was a useless idiot.

Paris smiled mischievously at this.

After working together many times and thanks to Paris’ deliberate effort, the duo seemed to have a closer relationship.

“Why did Spartax Empire decide to invade and deploy armies at this time? They have been increasing troops at the border since autumn – in my opinion, it would be easier to plan a surprise attack than announce intentions beforehand. Is Spartax Empire trying to fight like a gentleman?”

Fei wanted more information from Paris. Since the beginning, Chambord had very limited information sources; therefore he had no other choice but to obtain information this way.

“Because they are waiting for a real opportunity.” Paris said with a serious expression.

“A real opportunity?”

“Yes, they are waiting for Emperor Yassin to pass away.”

“How’s that possible? Is Emperor Yassin really going to die?” Fei asked in surprise.

“No one in our empire wants to believe that the strong and powerful hero who established Zenit Empire would die one day of old age; especially someone who was unparalleled as him. However, this day will come for anyone – years of wars and battles has injured him and shortened his lifespan. His health has been deteriorating since last year, and he has been on his bed for a while now. I heard that he is getting sicker every day and might pass away anytime.”

Paris’ face dimmed as she said this. Heroes, like beautiful women, never showed others their weakness.

Paris has been acting odd throughout their journey; she was nothing like the witch she usually was. She has answered all of Fei’s questions.

“On our way to the Imperial Capital, I heard that the Martial Saint Krasic will soon engage in an ultimate battle with the Martial Saint of Spartax Empire on the Martial Saint Mountain?” Fei suddenly recalled.

“People from the Imperial Capital has known about this for a while now, and it’s not a rumor. In two weeks, this battle will take place on the Martial Saint Mountain. To a great extent, it will decide the fate of the empire. However, Alexander, you should not worry about this right now. Neither of us can do anything about it. However, I have news that you will definitely be interested in.”

“What news?”

“The royal palace has announced that the Imperial Military Practice Competition will take place in three days. Due to the war that has erupted, this competition will be extremely important, and rewards will be much better than usual. Those who perform well in it will be able to lead a battle legion to fight against the enemies on the frontline.”

This information was very important.

Fei thought as he sank into deep thought.

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  3. Yeah I was also thinking about having him save the Emperor. I was also thinking about how many people would feel f----d, since they all assume he will die any day now, and have been plotting against each other 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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