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Hail the King Chapter 269.2

Chapter 269:  Wishing for that Day (Part Two)

This was indeed a rare opportunity. In addition to participating in military competitions, affiliated kingdoms could also gain honor and privileges through accumulating military merits. This way, they would be able to increase their population and military limits.

Chambord was currently only able to exercise partial sovereignty. Since the kingdom did not have enough population and military power, Fei could only make sure all the soldiers he had were elites.

Moreover, it was currently impossible to separate from the Imperial Empire. Fei’s powers were not great enough to resist the powerful master warriors of the empire, and he would have to play by their rules before his skills became on par with theirs.

Therefore, if he could gain military merit through the war, his kingdom would be able to level up like a rocket blasting to the moon.

Once his kingdom leveled up, Fei would have the opportunity to utilize all the powers of the Diablo World.

This was one of the reasons why he agreed to come to the competition of Zenit Empire. The other reason was that he could come see this place for himself and gain more knowledge of this world.

Thanks to Paris, the dozens of people from Chambord passed through the guards without trouble. After leaving the gate of the Imperial Capital, they successfully bypassed numerous checkpoints in the three kilometers clear zone. At the sight of the campsite of Chambord, it was about time for Paris to wave goodbye.

“Throughout the trip, you obtained quite a lot of information from me. So, Alexander, I have a question for you.” Before arriving at the Chambord’s base camp, Paris slowed down her pace and walked side-by-side to Fei. Her bodily fragrance was very sweet.

“Oh? Ask away.”

“Who was the mysteriously masked mage that helped you tonight?” Paris asked as she moved her body close to Fei’s

Fei remained quiet for a second. Paris was too close to him, and her scent was too mesmerizing. The wind blew gently by Fei’s ears as a tickle snuck up his body. After stepping away, he replied as if nothing happened: “He is the Darknight Demonic Envoy, one of the six demonic envoys of my kingdom. His name is Sharp Horn.”

“The six demonic envoys? The Darknight Demonic Envoy, Sharp Horn? I’ve never heard of this person and you’ve never mentioned him…” Paris said with a spurious smile on her face. She obviously didn’t believe him, “Why do I have a feeling that the person was just you?”

Fei smiled faintly: “I have six demonic envoys under me whose identities are extremely secretive. You’ll soon get to meet the other five as well.”

“Fine, I’ll believe you for now, humph! Don’t you dare lie to me!” Unsatisfied with the information she obtained, she rolled her eyes at Fei. But somehow, her beautiful face made it seem more like a flirt than a threat.

Fei smiled and fell silent.

In the night, the cold wind hit like sharp razors.

No light was seen aside from stars and torches here and there.

The air around them fell silent,

Neither of them talked.

Ten minutes later…

“King of Chambord, I don’t expect you to side with Dominguez and fight against the elder princess and prince. However, I do hope that if anything were to happen to His Highness, you would save him once.”

Paris didn’t even enter the gate of Chambord’s campsite. She left hastily, leaving nothing but the shadow of her cloak behind.

The last sentence this smart woman said to him left Fei in wonder.

Amidst the thick white fog, a smear of red appeared from afar.

It was the blood-red rose that this girl had in her hair.



The sun had yet to rise after a night of blood and murder.

The moon was hidden behind the clouds, and the heavens and earth were shaken by the heavy winds that blew up the snow from the ground and created howling noises. An unprecedented frost had covered the land.

Lifting up the thick curtains, Fei walked into the central tent.

It was as warm as spring inside the tent, and a beautiful girl was leaning quietly by the stone table. Caped with a black furry coat, her white wrists supported her chin, and her hair as dark as ink fell onto the table like a black waterfall. She had obviously fallen asleep from waiting for him for too long.

Angela was an extremely light sleeper.

Her eyes opened as soon as Fei entered.

“Alexander, you’re finally back…” Her eyes sparkled like comets as she saw Fei come in. She smiled in relief when she saw that he wasn’t hurt. She pulled opened the folding screen to her side.

There was a small side tent behind the folding screen. And inside the tent, there was a big bath bucket with hot steam rising into the air. There were small magic arrays carved into the bucket with magic gems on them. These gems were used to power up these fire-elemental magic arrays to heat up the water inside the bucket.

Angela bought this bath bucket for Fei when they were at the Hot Spring Gate, and now she finally had the chance to use it. She had filled it up with water before nightfall and kept the water at the perfect temperature so that Fei could take a hot bath as soon as he came back.

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