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Hail the King Chapter 270.1

Chapter 270: A Sleepless Night (Part One)

This had almost become a tradition.

Every time when Fei went out to the battlefield, Angela would wait for her beloved Fei to come back and prepare hot bathing water for him to bath in, so he could wash away his tiredness in the warm water.

To Fei, he was so powerful that he did not need to reduce his fatigue through bathing in warm water. He also had magic potion like [Rejuvenile Potion] that could make him recover his physical vitality at any time and maintain an optimum physical state. But maybe it was due to Fei’s illusion, he always felt so comfortable and wanted to hum every time when he lied in the warm water that Angela prepared for him. It was a true relaxation of his mind; every pore on his body would open up. It was as comforting as when his mom sang a lullaby to him when he was young.

“Oh right, Angela, I have a gift for you.”

After taking a hot bath, Fei changed into a loose robe, which made him look more handsome. He came to the stone table and ate some of the breakfast that Angela prepared. Then, he suddenly thought of something and took out an item from his storage ring with a smile on his face.

That thing was the blue furry robe made from Demon Beast Blue Fox’s fur; it belonged to the leader of Blood-Edge before.

Fei took out a plain paper and a bottle of ink that were made from the paper factory from Chambord. He thought for a moment and quickly formed a sketch of the charming wide-sleeved fairy dress that Kui Long wore from a TV series [Chinese Paladin 3] in his mind. With his sketching skills, he quickly and accurately drew down the general shape of this dress on paper.

“Woah, what a unique and beautiful dress,” Angela was looking at it quietly, and she could not hold back her admirations any longer when Fei was done drawing it.

“As long as you like it. This dress was known as wide-sleeved fairy dress, and there was a beautiful tale about it.” Fei cuddled the beauty in front of him and told her about the beautiful love story between a prince and a princess who were from a different space. Afterward, Fei took the furry robe that was in his hands and used force to wash away the last sense of the leader of Blood-Edge that was left on it. He smiled and said: “This fur is shining and crystal-like with an eerie blue light on it. It was peeled off from a level 6 Demon Beast Blue Fox. Not only can it immunize you from any ice elemental magic below four-star, it also has an incomparable effect on keeping the warmth. It is just right to make a real wide-sleeved fairy dress for you. Imperial Capital’s severe winter is coming; if you do not have a dress like this, you won’t be able to endure the severe coldness since you don’t have any warrior energy or magic energy.”

Angela had small with an hourglass figure; this furry robe was more than enough to be made into a dress.


“What? You two do not know what Paris and His Majesty were talking about, but they were talking the whole time along the way?”

Inside the tent beside the King’s tent, the blonde little loli Emma was looking for Drogba and Pierce to have a talk. The talk’s main focus was on whether the coquettish demonic girl Paris tried to seduce Alexander or not during their mission at the Imperial Capital.

Even though through their talk during the day, Emma had a much better impression of Paris and already resolved her hatred towards her, the little loli took her bestie’s side firmly since this mattered to Angela’s. Before the mission group left, little loli already told Drogba and Pierce to look out for His Majesty the King in secret; she ordered them to never let Paris who was a potential threat to Angela to have a chance to hook up with the King. However, who would have thought that during tonight’s battle, Pierce and Drogba were addicted to killing and completely forgot about the order from the little loli.

Upon seeing the blonde little loli with an unkind face, Drogba and Pierce were feeling a little uneasy.

“Emma, don’t worry. Angela Her Highness is gentle and kind-hearted, she is a goddess descending from the sky, and she is the most precious pearl of Chambord. There is no way that His Majesty would fall in love with that demonic girl…”

“Right, right, right. You didn’t see it, but that demonic girl was with a very, very, handsome man who was carrying a little dog. I bet he is her boy-toy… There is no way that she would like His Majesty either!”

The two morons found many excuses to distance themselves from responsibilities. They tried every possible way to persuade Emma who was still skeptical, and they finally sent this loli that they were scared of away.

“Pierce, but why do I feel that judging from the expression of that girl, she might actually like His Majesty…” Drogba went back to the tent as he scratched his head and asked thoughtfully.

“Not only the demonic girl; I think the Elder Princess Tanasha also had a pretty good impression of His Majesty. Hehe, they say that she gave His Majesty a black token as a token of affection when she left…” Pierce was also like a moron who enjoyed gossiping.

“This can’t be helped. Since Alexander His Majesty is young, handsome, and has unbeatable power, everyone has heard the name – [Sky Covering Fist] King of Chambord, across the camp area and St. Petersburg. Hehe, with a man like this, every woman would want to pursue him!” Pierce said as if he was a “know-it-all of love”.


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  1. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  2. ching chong wu dong

    the little loli took her bestie’s side firmly since

    she is a goddess descending from the sky, and she is the most precious pearl of Chambord.

    This are the kind of things that make me want to gouge my eyes every time I read asian fics…
    Thanks for translating this

  3. LightningsEye

    ugh i can just feel that the servant girl is gonna do something good natured but its gonna ruin everything i can just feel it and shes so annoying with how insolent she is

    • Eon

      Fr. She’s actually even more annoying than Angela…like who the f--k do you think you are to dictate the KING’s love life? It would be one thing if it was Angela who was doing this, since she’s his actual wife-to-be, but this bitch needs to f--k off.

      • Well he was a r----d before and she helped Angela take care of him, so perhaps she doesn’t really have any say in things at all, but she is kind of family, and I think Fei would care more about that than anything in the end, right?

        But yeah, is she assuming that THE King will have just one woman? Bitch please…

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