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Hail the King Chapter 270.2

Chapter 270: A Sleepless Night (Part Two)

It was the darkest moment before dawn.

Masses of dark clouds swam from Moro Mountains and covered all the stars in the sky.

Pretty mercenary Elena with powerful magic equipment sat beside the river quietly while holding her arms around her knees. The longbow that never left her hand was carefully put beside her legs, and her smooth and pale chin was resting on her knees. The night’s wind swayed her fire red long hair, and the beautiful eyes that were full of murderous spirit and determination during the battle had become peaceful. She was looking at the running water in silent.

She was a Valkyrie who was resting between battles and thinking of the person in her heart.

With her power of being almost six-star, she would not have felt cold even if the weather was a hundred or a thousand times colder. A magic energy surged within a meter radius around her, and the pale blue light disappeared and reappeared; it was beautiful and dreamy under the dark sky.

Even though she just came back from a battle, she was not tired.

But only if that man could be at her side to provide a thick shoulder for her to lean on. How good would that be!

But no matter what happened, Elena knew that she would only draw her bow and fight for one person in her life!

This was a sleepless night.


“Oh, Priest Balesi gifted all of the treasure to Alexander?”

Imperial Capital, Elder Princess Mansion.

Elder Princess Tanasha only wore a gauzy dress that emphasized her thin but hourglass-like figure. Everything about her gave off an elegant and intelligent vibe. Her feet that were as pale as jade half-lied on her soft and fragrant bed. After hearing the pretty girl in purple clothes Ziene’s report, her thin and long eyebrows knitted, and she asked rhetorically with a quiet voice as if she could not understand something.

“That’s right, Your Highness. Priest Balesi acted as the representative of [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka from Holy Church before he left, and he invited Alexander to another meeting,” Ziene carefully narrated what happened in the underground hall at the headquarter of Blood-Edge.

“Holy Church has always valued themselves very much. They never pay attention to others, and that [God’s Favorite Child] Kaka is an important person from the headquarters of the church as they say. When he visited the mainland this time, he was keeping a low profile and a mysterious figure. When he came to St. Petersburg, he declined to see all visitors, even father could not meet him. But Kaka invited Alexander…Why? Even though Alexander’s power and potentials were shocking, he was not at the level of [God’s Favorite Child] who is highly likely to be the future successor of Holy Church. Maybe… There is something else that we do not know?”

Elder Princess talked to herself.

Her eyebrows knitted even more tightly, and she bent over her head as she had a hard time forming her thoughts together. She looked so weak that everyone would want to protect her.

“Alexander humiliated the fourth prince, but Dominguez did not try to stop it. Dominguez also even allowed Alexander to call him Oka… Well, I guess this crazy prince brother also thinks highly of the King of Chambord. I have to admit, he did a much better job than brother Arshavin tonight!”

“But I don’t understand it. The older brother has always been keen on drawing and recruiting heroes and men of virtue and talents; why does he always hold a grudge against Alexander!”

Elder Princess became more confused in the end.

But she quickly made her decision, “Send someone tomorrow and deliver all treasures we got from the headquarters of Blood-Edge to the camp of Chambord. Say that …… Just say that I, Tanasha, want to gift these to my dear friends Angela and little Emma.”

“Yes, your highness,” Ziene nodded.

Upon seeing this, Elder Princess suddenly laughed, and the whole hall lightened up. Her dark blue eyes gave out an enchanting light as she asked: “Ziene, if I remembered it correctly, you were one of those who met the king of Chambord pretty early on, and I think you suggested that I should kill him. What do you think now? What is your opinion of this man?”

“Hmm… I won’t be able to kill him now!” Ziene lowered her head.

“Hahaha, if you can kill him, will you do it?”

“I… King Chambord should not be killed!”

“There is someone that Ziene thinks should not be killed?” Elder Princess laughed.



On the second day.

When dawn just came, there was a sudden turmoil in the camp area. It was so chaotic that chickens were flying and dogs were jumping.

Many soldiers from Imperial Capital stormed in and started the strictest search ever. Many cavaliers rushed in between the campsites of different affiliated kingdoms on their horses, and even people from the ten level 1 affiliated kingdoms were ordered to stay within their campsites. The camp area was full of patrols formed by soldiers; except for soldiers from Imperial Patrol, [Iron Blood Legion], and four Battle Legions, the Cavaliers of Imperial Knight Palace who had kept silent since the defeat of the four Executive Knights by King Chambord finally joined in on the more and more serious search for the assassins from Spartax Empire.

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