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Hail the King Chapter 271.1

Chapter 271: A Bunch of Brainless People (Part One)

There was a calm smile on Fei’s face because the girl in his arms seemed to have a grand power of calming people’s souls. No matter what kind of battle or danger Fei was in, his anxiety and fatigue would disappear instantly when he saw this serene and tender face.

Fei rested the girl’s head softly on top of the pure white velvet pillow, removed the rose embroidered purple blanket, and then got out of bed slowly.

It might be that it was tiring to stay up all night to wait for Fei, Angela who was weak was still asleep and didn’t notice Fei’s movements. She was still in her sweet dreams with her lips pressed with an angelic and pure smile.

This was the first time the girl was intimately close to the one she loved.

Even though it was a dream, her pure and flawless face still had a trace of redness

Wearing a loose robe, Fei let his hair down as he summoned a pair of chained boots with soft and warm interior fur lining. He uncovered the curtain-like gate and walked out.

The sun was already up in the sky. A gust of sharp wind howled at dawn last night, blew the accumulated snow, and caused the cold weather. Unexpectedly, the gust of wind stopped in the morning for some reason. Golden sunlight shined on the ground with warmth.

Fei walked slowly in between the campsites of Chambord, smiled and greeted the soldiers who were busy training. Afterward, he roamed to the river to the west of the campsite, washed his face with the frozen river water, and felt a lot more energetic.

“Hmm? The people from Imperial Knight Palace also joined in? It seems like the last madness would be here!” He thought.

Fei looked at the streets outside of the camp, which was filled with loads of cavaliers wearing black armor, red cloak, and riding on the black armored warhorses.

The swift assassins of Spartax Empire indeed brought many troubles to the empire.

Yet, Fei knew that the appearance of these assassins was just a trigger, and it already baited out many conflicts that had been accumulating. The fact that a small wave of assassins triggered many events revealed a lot of information. At least, Fei could be affirmative that within the hundred times of assassination incidents recently, sixty to seventy percent were the political rivals using assassins as cover to attack their opponents.

For example, the assassination of the second prince Dominguez outside of the palace was clearly not committed by the assassins from Spartax Empire.

And the assassination that the elder princess encountered also had many pieces of evidence that showed a third party that was behind the crime.

The combat between the two princes had already become this intense, not to mention those forces of nobles. In the current period, the well-known nobles who died from assassins were over a hundred, and half of them were from their political rivals.

The truth mingled with the falsehood, and the falsehood mingled with the truth.

The most obvious one was the operation of taking out Blood-Edge that Fei led. Yet, hearing from these cavaliers, the forces, who knew the truth, shifted all the assassination to the assassins of Spartax Empire. As of those frightened assassins, they got dissed for doing nothing.

Because of the illness of Emperor Yassin, the current Imperial Capital was in crisis. The two huge forces formed by the two princes, Arshavin and Dominguez, were in a weird situation. Other secret forces also created chaos to fish in the troubled water, and that made the situation even more chaotic. If there couldn’t be an instant restructuring, the empire might suffer the most serious failure since its inceptions from the war with Spartax Empire.

Empire’s darkness was already here, and no one knew if it could wait until the dawn.

However, this wouldn’t prevent nobles from seizing authority and power.

Fei stood beside the river and looked at the Moro Mountains from distance. He thought about a lot of things and reflected on his performance within this period of time.

Now, the destiny of the Chambord was on Fei’s shoulder. Every single one of Fei’s decision would determine the fate of the twenty-three thousand one hundred and forty-two people in Chambord. In this mysterious continent that was ruled by the law of jungle, Chambord was like an elk that just learned to toddle, and Zenit Empire was merely a group of elks that had a presence. Even though there was a golden finger that was unknown to many behind his back, Fei still had to race against time and teach little elk-like Chambord to learn how to survive in this chaotic world before it becomes the target of fierce and cruel wild dogs or lions.

“Open up the camp gate for the search!”

A loud shout came from the entrance of the camp and disrupted Fei’s muse.

The king frowned when he looked over and discovered that the cavaliers from the Imperial Knight Palace had stopped at the entrance of the camp. The leader yelled and ordered in an angry and proud tone.

Seeing the Saint Seiyas of Chambord looked at him, Fei waved his hand as a signal for Saint Seiyas to let them through.

Searching every affiliated kingdom was the order from the Imperial Capital and no one could disobey the order. Fei didn’t want Chambord to be the leader of disobedience. At this moment, so many pairs of eyes were watching and waiting for Chambordians to make mistakes. It wouldn’t be smart to fight against these cavaliers over this matter.

The gate of campsites opened and more than forty cavaliers came in like the current of a river. The rumble of horses hooves rang throughout the whole campsites.

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