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Hail the King Chapter 273.1

Chapter 273: Pass the Mark – Die! (Part One)

“No…… no, no, I’m not an assassin!”

“Mister, please! Have mercy! I can’t even lift up a blade!”

“Ah, no, no! Save me! Mom……”

After hearing the cold command from the leopard-eyed leader and seeing the captive tools with iron spikes that the cavaliers brought up, the six girls knew what was about to happen. They were so scared that it seemed like their souls tried to escape their bodies. Desperation filled their eyes as they started to shiver.

The cruel treatments of the Black Jail in the Imperial Knight Palace were famous. The two other girls who didn’t know the language of Zenit also knew what was about to happen from the expression from their peers and captive tools. Their faces changed expressions as they kneeled onto the ground. They also begged for mercy. The eight girls looked like small flowers that were getting crushed by the cold wind of the winter.

However, the leader of the cavaliers didn’t even care. He laughed proudly: “Humph! Can’t even speak the official language? They must be the assassins of Spartax! Arrest them!”

Now, the few cavaliers who were hesitating stopped doubting. The metal chain colliding noises sound as the cavaliers lifted up the captive tools. They were about to place the tools on these poor girls.

“How dare you?”

At this moment, a soft yet firm voice shouted.

Angela walked from Fei’s side to stand in front of the girls. It was rare that someone like her who always talked softly shouted. She stopped the vicious cavaliers and helped the eight poor girls who were terrified to get up. Like a goddess who was protecting her followers, she protected the girls with her small but valiant figure.

The future queen of Chambord made the cavaliers look away; her eyes were filled with just and anger.

The cavaliers who were holding the captive tools felt guilty. Normally, they would have whipped the person who stopped them. But when this weak girl was standing in front of them, they didn’t dare to move up.

“Humph! This is not the Sword Testing Stage! King of Chambord, it is already a huge crime to be discovered with assassins of Spartax. You should be begging for his majesty’s forgiveness! How dare you further protect these assassins? Do you really want to commit treason?”

The leopard-eyed leader thought he was on the side of reason, so he shouted as he looked at Fei with a proud expression.

However, who knew that Fei didn’t even look at him! Fei only responded with a sneer. After all, Fei didn’t even think of Imperial Knight Palace as an issue.


The leader of the cavaliers was mad, but he couldn’t do anything.

A smart man won’t take the known loss. Everyone knew that the King of Chambord moved without considering the consequences; he was like a mad wolf. Since Fei could attack as soon as he was mad, all of the cavaliers of Imperial Knight Palace couldn’t defend against him. Even if the cavaliers were on the side of reason, they couldn’t do anything. Even if the Imperial Knight Palace would punish the King of Chambord afterward, the cavaliers knew that they weren’t confident in surviving the attack from this king.

“Your Highness, do you know what you are doing?” The cavalier leader had to focus on Angela. Even though he was vicious and cruel, he couldn’t make himself swear and make threats like he used to when he saw the just in the eyes of the girl. He explained patiently: “If you cover these assassins, Chambord would be wiped when Emperor Yassin gets mad.”

“They are not assassins.”

Angela shook her head. She didn’t say anything more; she just dragged the girls who were still scared back towards Fei.

“You…… you……” The leopard eyed leader was enraged.

“Leader, we made some discoveries!” At this moment, a cavalier who was still searching the campsite shouted.

With all the eyes on him, this cavalier took some items and threw them onto the ground. They were some gold and gems as well as some high-quality armors and weapons.

Fei’s pupils contracted!

He instantly knew what they were from.

They were the treasures from the underground hall of Blood-Edge. Although Chambord walked away with the most reward, Fei was sure that these items on the ground weren’t from Chambord’s share. After all, the treasures that he got were still in his storage ring.

How could these items appear in the camp of Chambord?

“Leader, I discovered these items in one tent. After I made some observations, I’m sure that they are the treasures of Blood-Edge Mercenary Group, the fourth largest mercenary group of Zenit!” The cavalier reported loudly.

“Eh? Blood-Edge was attacked by the assassins of Spartax and got wiped out. Their treasures were also taken by the assassins. How can they be here?” The leader of the cavaliers murmured as lights flashed through his eyes. He suddenly looked up and shouted: “Could it be that Chambord is connected with the assassins of Spartax? King of Chambord, what more can you say? How did these items appear in your camp?”

This shout was empowered by his warrior energy, and it could be heard from very far away.

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    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  2. Deku

    You would think that these idiots behind this plot would have learned by now…

  3. Did they say that those assholes got killed by those invaders? I don’t remember that, so they assumed that, then. Well they got f----d by The King, not those assassins, so, f--k off

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