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Hail the King Chapter 273.2

Chapter 273: Pass the Mark – Die! (Part Two)

People at other camps also were able to hear this clearly.

Instantly, a lot of people’s face changed color.

Connected with the assassins? It was a crime that no one could bear. There had been more than a hundred nobles and officials who died because of it. Anyone who was involved in this would be killed! On top of being punished, any forces who were charged with this crime would be put on the opposite of the empire. Even if the King of Chambord was powerful, he couldn’t fight with all the forces at Zenit.

“King of Chambord, I advise you to surrender! There are still some ambiguities in this matter. As long as you cooperate with Imperial Knight Palace, you might be pardoned.” After seeing the reinforcement, which was a large number of cavaliers, appear outside of the camp, the leopard-eyed leader relaxed. Therefore, he was able to restore his commanding tone.

Now, Fei was clear of what was going on.

How can there be such a coincidence?

As soon as Blood-Edge’s treasures were discovered, a ton of cavaliers of Imperial Knight Palace appeared? It was obvious that these cavaliers were ready, and this was just a big framing operation.

In order to give an explanation to the citizens, the forces involved in the operation last night blamed it on the assassins of Spartax.

Fei agreed to this explanation as well.

However, someone discovered a loophole in this explanation and tried to frame Chambord with it.

“Who could it be?”

Fei thought as a cold light flashed through his eyes.

He didn’t pay attention to the leader of the cavaliers. With all the eyes on him, He walked to the cavalier who “found” the treasures, looked at the treasures on the ground and questioned: “Tell me, who told you to bring these items into my camp?”

The cavalier’s face changed color, but he soon calmed down. This cavalier sneered back: “What are you saying? I found these items at you camp……”


Before the cavalier could finish, Fei slapped him with the back of his hand, and the cavalier flew back for more than 10 meters. He fainted as he landed, and no one knew if he was still alive.

“How dare you!”


“This king is committing treason! Arrest him!”

No one expected the King of Chambord to attack at this critical moment. After a moment of surprise, the leader of the cavaliers shouted followed by a few other shouts. The cavaliers of the Imperial Knight Palace outside of the campsite started to charge in.


Fei waved his hand and a powerful force shot out.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The first few cavaliers who charged in were turned into blood mists along with their horses.

A vague yet gigantic totem image that was more than a hundred meters tall appeared behind Fei, and it stared down like the god of war. A series of terrifying energy waves came off of Fei’s body like the waves of the ocean. The wind created by these energy waves made the cavaliers have a hard time to stay in the same spot.

The cavaliers who weren’t yet inside the campsite didn’t dare to move forward anymore. They stopped charging and waited for the next command.

Fei sneered as he then moved his finger. A transparent crystal energy in the form of a sword dashed out of his fingertip.


The huge sword passed through the gate and drew a long line that was more than a hundred meters long and more than half a meter deep on the ground.

“Pass the Mark – Die!”

After Fei said that, the cavaliers around the mark felt like the mark was the entrance to hell. The chilling energy that came off of it made everyone feel a chill in their spines.

No one dared to look at that sword mark, and no one dared to think that the King of Chambord was kidding. After all, the blood mists were still in the air!

“You…… you are too reckless! King of Chambord! You……” The leopard-eyed leader was so frightened and shocked that his voice even changed.

“I’m not as reckless as you. Humph, how dare you frame me?” Fei said with disdain on his face. He turned around and said to Pierce, Drogba, Torres, Cech, and Oleg: “Arrest all the people who came in. Break a leg each and question them until they tell us who told them to frame Chambord!”

As Fei said that, he looked at the leopard-eyed leader and added with a cold voice: “Kill anyone who dares to resist!”

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