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Hail the King Chapter 274.1

Chapter 274: Fist Spiritual Seal (Part One)


“Please stop the beating……”

“I can’t take it anymore…… stop! I will tell you, I will tell you……”

As a series of terrifying screams sounded from the campsite of Chambord, the people who were paying attention to this matter could no longer believe their ears. Sh*t was about to go down! The King of Chambord was like a reckless mad wolf…… “He dares to arrest and beat the cavaliers of the Imperial Knight Palace…… What is happening to this world?” People thought.

Ten minutes ago.

The cavaliers of the Imperial Knight Palace found the treasure of the Blood-Edge, that was supposed to be with the assassins of Spartax Empire, in Chambord’s campsite, then a bunch more cavaliers suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They were going to arrest the King of Chambord on the charge of treason and take control the campsite.

As the Chambordians were about to get punished, no one expected the next turn of events.

The King of Chambord didn’t really give a damn. Without hesitation, the king showed his domination. In a few moves, he scared a formation of three to four hundred cavaliers. After he drew the line on the ground, no one dared to pass it. They were only able to watch the soldiers of Chambord as they arrested the cavaliers who were already in the campsite.

At first, some people were resisting arrest. But after the leopard-eyed leader got all four of his limbs crushed by a fat bald man, no one dared to do so anymore. Some of the cavaliers were so scared to be mistaken that they threw their weapons onto the ground as if they were hot irons. Most of the cavaliers put their hands on the back of their heads and didn’t dare to move.

This method was effective because the cavaliers knew that the Chambordians weren’t playing around. They were really going to be killed if they didn’t follow orders.

After everything was under control, the King of Chambord and Queen Angela led the eight girls who were still frightened into the central tent and didn’t reappear. At the same time, all kinds of punishment tools were brought out. The forty to fifty cavaliers were all tied up. After a round of beating, they were all placed in a line and waited to be questioned.

The person who was in charge of this was the fat bald man who almost killed the leopard-eyed leader.

The people who were observing soon realized that this fatty who always had a smile on his face was definitely a devil from hell.

He didn’t care about the identity of these cavaliers. His strange and cruel torturing techniques were vicious, and even the observers were shivering with cold sweat let alone the cavaliers who were actually experiencing them. Those men who considered themselves tough even had to look away due to the cruelness of the punishments.

The cavaliers of the Imperial Knight Palace were all tough nails. After all, they had seen a lot from the Black Jail where extreme tortured were used. Some of them wanted to endure through it, but they ended up crying and begging for forgiveness in a state of incontinence. Even that vicious leopard-eyed leader didn’t last more than five minutes; he told Oleg everything he knew.

This process wasn’t hidden; it was carried out in open daylight. It was like a slap in the face of the Imperial Knight Palace.

Even if this was the case, the cavaliers outside of Chambord’s campsite didn’t dare to move. There were a few master warriors mixed in them and they were also afraid.
The vague totem image that was more than a hundred meters tall didn’t disappear after Fei went inside. Except for the fatty who was in charge of the investigation, a few other master warriors of Chambord also unleashed their strength. The warrior energy flames enveloped their bodies and burned in the campsite.

After sensing the energy surges coming off of these people, all the observers gasped. Even if the King oF Chambord didn’t move, these master warriors of Chambord could wipe out the three to four hundred cavaliers in less than ten minutes!
Everyone was shocked by the strength of Chambord!

The people who understood the situation tried to calm themselves down.

There were also other people who were worried about the King of Chambord. Since they were also from affiliated kingdoms, they were on the side of Chambord. But when facing a war machine like Zenit, they all thought that Chambord won’t end well after provoking the Imperial Knight Palace this much.

The people who paid attention to details saw a few cavaliers from the big formation flee back to St. Petersburg.

Everyone in the camp area was paying attention to this event; it was getting more and more interesting.

In less than twenty minutes, reinforcement came!

A red dash of light appeared in the sky and it stopped on top of Chambord’s campsite while the air-piercing noise resonated in the air.

After the red light disappeared, the person enveloped in it showed himself.  The armor he was wearing was an ordinary imperial knight armor, but its color was red as if blood flowed on its surface. With his red cap fluttering in the wind, it felt like this man just walked off of a battlefield. There was nothing else special about him, but a pressing sensation came off of him when he just stood there.

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