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Hail the King Chapter 275.1

Chapter 275: Untouchable (Part One)

Fist Spiritual Spatial Seal – The technique of Moon-Class Elites.

Could it be that the King of Chambord was already a Moon-Class Elite Warrior?

This thought made a lot of people’s hearts race. Their mouths felt dry and they were dizzy.


If the King of Chambord really advanced to a Moon-Class Elite, it was very significant! It would cause an inestimable effect on the current power dynamics of Zenit.

To a level 1 Empire like Zenit, a Moon-Class Elite was like a strategic-level weapon; it served as a deterrent and a symbol. One unit increase in the number of Moon-Class Elites meant a jump in the strength of an empire. In addition, this potential Moon-Class Elite was only nineteen years old! No one could say for sure that this man couldn’t advance to a Sun-Class Lord!

If the King of Chambord really reached that level, hundreds of empires that were level 6 and under around the region would have to look up to this king, let alone Zenit!

[Godly Knight] stood by the sword mark on the ground and fell into another moment of silence.

He closed his eyes as if he was carefully sensing the invisible power.

Gradually, a red warrior energy flame grew out of his body and got thicker and occupied more space. Like a burning fire, it grew so much that it was more than a hundred meter tall and enveloped the [Godly Knight] like a crystal bloody amber.

As the warrior power grew, a vast and terrifying sensation covered the area around him.

The [Godly Knight] unleashed his power without holding back. It was obvious that he was approaching the level of a seven-star warrior.

After finally adjusting his power, the [Godly Knight] moved.


As he punched downwards onto the ground forcefully while kneeling down, the warrior energy around him turned into a huge red light beam and torn the earth.

The ground cracked and displayed a spiderweb-like effect. The force was completely sent into the ground and it spread out in waves. It soon encountered the sword mark that contained transparent crystal sword energies.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Instantly, thunder-like noises sounded as sword energies shot everywhere.

Numerous sword energies shot out of the mark that Fei left on the ground. At the same time, the red warrior energy of the [Godly Knight] erupted from the ground like lava in a volcano. The two different energies smashed into each other and battled.

After a while, the transparent crystal sword energies disappeared.

The red warrior energy that erupted from the ground also slowly dispersed into the air.

The dust settled.

The sword mark Fei drew on the ground was completely destroyed by the [Godly Knight]. In addition, the Fist Spiritual Spatial Seal was finally broken by this as well.

The [Godly Knight] slowly stood up and raised his right arm.

More than three hundred cavaliers behind him all got back onto their horses and their metal armors made a series of metal gliding noises as they did so. The cavaliers all roared as they got ready; it was very pressing. They soon formed a cone-shaped charging formation and pointed their lances at Chambord.

However –

The [Godly Knight] didn’t point forward with his right arm but rather waved it.

All the cavaliers were stunned.

This gesture didn’t command a charge!

It meant …… Retreat!

Retreat immediately!

The cavaliers were ready for the [Godly Knight] to say the word “revenge” and they would have charged at Chambord to redeem their image. However, they didn’t expect to get this order from their supreme leader; all the elite cavaliers from Imperial Knight Palace all frozen for a few seconds. After they understood the situation, they turned their horses around unwillingly, shouted, and whipped their horses. Like a black flood, they soon disappeared from the camp area.

A lot of people who were observing this also didn’t know why the [Godly Knight] made such order.

“Could it be that he feels like he can take on Chambord alone?”

“Has he already decided to compromise?”

With all the eyes on him, the [Godly Knight] stepped over the sword mark that he destroyed and walked to the center of Chambord’s campsite. After he glanced around slowly, he finally landed his eyes on the cavaliers who were tied onto wooden stakes. He looked around so slow that it seemed like he was trying to remember the faces of the Chambordian warriors; he stared at Oleg the longest.

Whoosh!  Whoosh! Whoosh!

The [Godly Knight] lightly waved his hand and more than forty dashes of red warrior energies flew out to chop off the chains that were tying the cavaliers up.

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  3. Pedro

    Since when is the MC 19y old already? Didn’t he just turn 18 when he was crowned king? Has more than a year passed already since he was crowned?

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