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Hail the King Chapter 277.1

Chapter 277: Center of the Crowd (Part One)

“This…… Ah, the legendary Seal Runes and Spatial Imprisonment! I didn’t expect to see these things that were talked about in legends in my lifetime.”

Cain was so excited that he started to pull on his white beard. He shivered as he rubbed the yellow walls with his wrinkled hands. He then turned around and explained everything to Fei. The silver energies that were floating on the walls were ancient characters; they were known as the runes of gods, and they had unbelievable powers that could fix something in space and time. This secret room was probably somewhere in the void, and it only existed in the void because of the power of the silver runes.

Fei nodded.

Although he didn’t know about this unimaginable power, it wasn’t far from his estimations. All of the walls that flashed the yellow light weren’t real structures made of soil or natural material; they were an energy that was transformed into the shape of walls.

“Too bad, the application of these techniques are just too complex. In addition, the runes are floating on the wall and don’t show their complete form.”

Oldman Cain sighed. From his current skill level, he wasn’t able to completely copy them. By just looking at the flashing silver runes, he was still not able to replicate the core and essence of the Seal Runes and Spatial Imprisonment. Only time would help him with the study.

If one could understand and grasp the godly runes, then opening up some space in the void and creating a castle would be no longer unthinkable.

Didn’t matter if it was Diablo World or Azeroth Continent, there were legends and stories where gods created space and lives. Those things really wasn’t imaginable for the average person.

“We can slowly study these silver runes. This secret room won’t disappear.”

Fei found it funny seeing the Oldman Cain acting like a kid who wanted his favorite toys. He laughed as he set up teleport portals for both Akara and Cain to get here from Rogue Encampment.

This way, they were able to come to this secret room every day for a certain amount of time. Just like how they taught classes at the university in the [City of Heroes] at the back mountain of Chambord, they could come here to study. With Fe’s current spiritual power, the two of them could only stay in places other than Diablo World for four hours and twenty minutes every day.  This upper limit couldn’t be changed, so they needed to allocate their time efficiently.

Akara was still staring at the book [Demon King’s Wisdom] that was floating in the air.

“God, this is an unbelievable book. This is like a cyclopedia for all warrior and mages.  There is so much knowledge recorded in the book; vast like the ocean. Also, there are a lot of impressive methods on record……. Wisdom, this book is really worthy enough to be called the wisdom. I don’t know why it would be called the [Demon King’s Wisdom]; I think it should be called [God’s Wisdom]!”

In a short time, the priestess had gone through 80% of the content in the book.

She wasn’t like Fei who just picked up the ancient language. As someone who mastered the ancient text of Diablo World, she really loved studying these ancient matters. In addition, there was a bit of connection between Diablo World and Azeroth Continent. Other than the theories behind the magic spells and warrior techniques, there were connections between ancient texts. Therefore, the priestess could roughly understand most of the content in the book.

Finally, Cain also moved his eyes off of the yellow walls.

However, the old man wasn’t too interested in subjects such as architecture, mechanisms, weapon and armor creation, metal mining. Instead. He focused on the stone lanterns and the stone chains that locked [Demon King’s Wisdom] in place.

“Oh god, It is a miracle……” Cain caressed the rough stone chains as he stared at the runes that were flashing on the surface of the stone lanterns. His body shivered as he said: “Ahhhh, these are Micro Imprisonment Runes. Ahaha, these runes actually exist? The legends are real……”

Since the old man acted as if he had gone mad, Fei knew he won’t be able to get any detailed information from Cain.

Every time Cain fell into that state of mind, his speech would be confusing and irrational. Except for his brain that was able to work under this workaholic condition, his communication skills would fell to the level of an infant.

After thinking of this, Fei took out the gate to the underground hall as well as the nine mysterious symbols that he stole. He placed them in this room for the two people to study, and he turned around and left.

“Ah, god……”

“Aha, such things are real!”

Before Fei got teleported out, he was still hearing the gasps and shouts of the two “mad scientists”’.


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