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Hail the King Chapter 278.2

Chapter 278: Lonely and Above-all Presence (Part Two)

When the two mysterious warriors battled each other, their techniques and powers were just too strong. Although they didn’t mean to, their energies were still sealed into the space. If a five-star warrior got hit by a seal, the triggered warrior energy would turn him or her into a pile of meat paste.

About twenty days had passed since the battle. Some of the power had dispersed, but the remaining forces were still strong.

These warrior energy seals that were floating around in the air gave Fei a lot of inspiration, and it opened a door for Fei in terms of motivation. The reason why he was able to leave the transparent crystal sword energy in front of the gate of Chambord was that he copy the energy forms here. What he used wasn’t Fist Spiritual Spatial Seal; it looked similar, but it didn’t mean Fei was now a Moon-Class Elite Warrior.

After Fei got through the magic array, he immediately sat down and used the methods in the purple scroll book to train his spiritual power.

After half an hour, he gradually opened his eyes and exhaled. After days of hard work, Fei’s spiritual power finally reached level 300. It was a little breakthrough.

As his spiritual power increased, he would be able to stay in Diablo World longer.

This meant that Fei would be able to spend more time on leveling up, and his strength would increase a lot faster.

Fei nodded his head out of satisfaction. He then stood up and got ready to dash through the warrior energy seals that the two mysterious warriors left in the air; that was the method that he always used to improve his strength in the last while. But when he stood up and look forward, his eyes opened big and wide; it felt like he was frozen in place.

Not sure when, but there was a person standing not too far away.

The person was thin.

The person also wasn’t that tall. However, he was standing straight like a spear, and he was facing away from Fei. Fei couldn’t see the man’s face, but he could see the brown robe and cloth belt that the person was wearing. The man’s long hair was like a waterfall that was fluttering in the air, and the man’s presence was lonely and above-all.

What surprised Fei the most was this man’s strength – Fei couldn’t see through him at all.

Fei was completely sure that this man wasn’t here when he started the training of his spiritual power. In less than thirty minutes, this man quietly got into the huge pit. Moreover, this man got within ten meters of Fei without Fei knowing. This hadn’t happened in a long time.

Without triggering the magic arrays as well……. How powerful was this man?

Fei was getting more and more surprised.

The man was standing within the region of warrior power seals, and it didn’t feel like he had any warrior energies. However, the seals that could easily tear five-star warriors into pieces had no effect on this man. The man’s robe didn’t even move as it touched the seals.

Fei’s pupil contracted.

He finally discovered something. The terrifying warrior energy seals dissolved like snow on a hot summer day as the man got close to them.

As a chilly breeze blew by, Fei woke up from his shock.

“Who are you?”

The king asked as he unleashed the power of the Barbarian. He also summoned all of his equipment. Although this man didn’t unveil his power, Fei felt an insane amount of danger from him. This sensation was far stronger than what the mysterious assassin gave him.

“King of Chambord?” An emotionless voice sounded.


“Great. If you can last more than ten strikes from me, I won’t kill you!”

Before the man finished talking, Fei saw the man move. Instantly, the man unleashed some of his power, and it formed a green sword that was more than ten meters long. As if it was being pulled out of nowhere, it slowly unveiled itself. It lightly shook as it dashed forward, and it was already ten centimeters away from Fei.


Too fast!

Unbelievably fast!

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