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Hail the King Chapter 279.1

Chapter 279: Aggressive Collision (Part One)


The king swore habitually as he crossed his dual blades in front of him. The power of the level 46 Barbarian was fully unleashed, and a huge fire cross appeared in the air after it was buffed by the level 7 Green Items from Diablo World. However, this huge fire cross was barely able to defend against the huge green sword.

This suddenly battle put Fei at a disadvantage.

In addition, his opponent was a lot stronger than him.


A huge amount of energy broke through Fei’s defense and poured into his arms through the dual blades.

At the same time, the huge green sword lightly shook and destroyed the fire cross. It dashed at Fei’s head and targeted the location between Fei’s eyebrows. Just the energy surrounding the sharp blade created a deep scar on Fei’s forehead before the blade touched him.

This sudden release of energy also knocked the dual blades out of Fei’s hands.

However, the momentary blockage bought Fei a second of reaction time.

He used [Leap] and got himself into mid-air.

The huge green sword that was more than ten meters long with mysterious symbols on it dashed through under Fei’s feet, and the sharp energy around it almost made Fei’s legs numb; he almost lost his balance and fell down.

After it dashed by Fei, the sword went straight at the magic arrays protecting the battlefield.

“Shiz!” Fei shouted.

This sword energy was destructive. If it hit any of the magic arrays, it would trigger them and create a series of explosions. It was possible that the mountains and forests within a ten-kilometer radius would be destroyed.

However, just the second before the sword collided with the magic array, it disappeared.

Terrifying control!

Fei, who just landed on a piece of rock, was shocked by what he saw.

The thin figure in front of him had unbelievable control of his energy. Fei knew that he was able to create a strike on the same level as this sword energy if he gave his all, but he couldn’t control it to this degree.


The chilly breeze blew by, and Fei’s helmet shattered. The pieces fell to the ground.

This helmet was a level 6 Orange Crafted Item from Diablo World; it was one of the best items in the same category. Fei just bought it for 50,000 gold coins from the NPC Ormus in [Kurast Docks]; who knew it would be destroyed by this man in front of him so easily.


Absolutely terrifying!

Blood slowly slid down Fei’s head and covered his left eye.

“Second Strike …… [Strike of Blade]!”

The emotionless voice sounded again.

Then, a dashed of green energy slowly formed behind the man. It was almost identical to the previous attack, but this time, the energy formed a green blade. As if this blade traveled through the void to get here, it slowly moved forward out of the green energy until it completely revealed itself including the handle. It was also ten meters long.

On this blade made from warrior energy, there were also a ton of mysterious symbols and runes. Fei was able to clearly see every part of the blade as the blade was frozen in the air.


The blade dashed forward and tore through the air.

The green blade dashed at Fei through a strange trajectory. It was so fast that it looked like bean of light. However, despite its speed, it somehow looked slow.


Fei was too triggered.

Another mysterious yet devastating attack.

The [Strike of Blade] was even more terrifying than the [Strike of Sword]. It had less lightness but more domination. The determination and domination in this strike even shocked Fei who was a Barbarian.

“Sky Frost Fist……”

Fei punched out continuously, and the transparent crystal fist marks formed in the air one after another. All of them were targeting this blade energy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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  1. ExiledKing

    Damn son, weirdos keep popping out of the wood work

  2. There’s no orange items in Diablo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kaze

      There really are though. Look up crafted items diablo 2. You put a magic item and some gems/runes in the cube to make them.

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