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Hail the King Chapter 28

Chapter 28: One Strike! Again!

The king’s roar was like a million arrows that penetrated everyone’s heart. Many veterans lowered their heads to cover their eyes, but their shivering bodies revealed their feelings. Many rookies couldn’t hold back their tears and started crying, partially because they had been wronged, and partially because they were happy.

Standing far away, Pierce, Brook, and Lampard were all pumped by the king’s ‘speech’, and they felt that something was about to burst out of their chests.

On the other hand, Conca was scared to death. He kneeled there and even forgot to slap himself. Because he was so ashamed, he was trying to think of something that would reduce the king’s rage.

“If you are the military law at Chambord, then what the f--k am I?!” Fei roared again and kicked Conca to the ground. He turned around and asked Brook, “Commander Brook, tell me. As a Military Judge, escaping from battles, offending the king and ignoring Chambord’s military law… What’s the punishment for all these crimes?”

“It shall be treated as treason and the death penalty shall be the punishment!” Brook answered honestly.

Fei looked at Conca who was struggling to get up and asked coldly, “Did you hear that? Anything you want to say?”

Now Conca started to panic. Really panic.

Although he had the strength of a peak one star warrior and was not scared of Brook and the soldiers, the number one warrior of Chambord, Lampard was standing there. Like a gigantic mountain hovering over him, Lampard gave him a ton of pressure. If Alexander really wanted him killed, Lampard could cut his head off in an instant.

“Please forgive me! Your Majesty, I’ll never do it again!” Conca crawled under Fei and held onto one of Fei’s legs. He cried as he begged for mercy; his arrogant and aggressive attitude had completely disappeared.

“You want me to forgive you? Ask them, see if they agree.” Fei pointed at the soldiers on the defensive wall.

No one responded, but the hateful and angry stares that targeted Conca had answered that question. Conca never imagined that one day, he would have to beg the soldiers he deemed dirty and low to save his life. After thinking about the things he did in Chambord for the last couple of years, he knew that they weren’t going to let him go.

Conca also knew that the king wanted to set an example; unfortunately, he was the example. His last hope was the Head Minister Bazzer.

After he received Bazzer’s appreciation, he had done many dirty and revolting things to make the actual ‘ruler’ of Chambord happy. He hoped that Bazzer would do the same as he usually did: save his butt from any possible consequences.

However, Bazzer stood there without saying anything; he didn’t even look at Conca. The laid back expression on his face told everyone that he wasn’t even close to Conca.

Conca was disappointed. He looked up and found Alexander sneering at him. The surrounding soldiers had murderous looks in their eyes; if they could, they would eat him alive.

He was deserted.

“Your Majesty, what do you plan to do to me?” Conca started to calm down.

Fei didn’t even look at Conca. He raised his head and said to everyone on the defensive wall, “Military Judge Conca has escaped from battles, offended the king, and messed aroung with the military law. According to the Laws of Chambord, these actions are equal to treason, and he shall be executed!”

After finally getting this chance, Fei wasn’t going to let it go. This Military Judge was definitely Bazzer’s henchman, and he made a mess in the military. From the soldiers’ expressions, Fei knew that Conca deserved to be punished. For these people, it was best to exterminate them. It wouldn’t just hurt Bazzer’s control in Chambord, but would also re-establish the strict military laws and restore people’s faith in Chambord’s law. Fei was determined to eliminate Conca from the start.

After Fei announced the judgement, the soldiers started cheering. But at this moment –

“You want me to die? Then die with me!”

A desperate scream sounded. Holding onto Fei’s leg, Conca suddenly moved. A khaki colored flame lightly surrounded his body; this was the sign that Conca had almost advanced to a two star warrior. He was a peak one star warrior when he came to Chambord two years ago, but these two years of luxury and comfort didn’t improve his strength at all. However, the situation he was in had stimulated his potential, and he advanced to a two star warrior.

Moving like lightning, Conca jumped up and held onto Fei’s neck.

This usually ignorant Military Judge was behaving like an abandoned dog. He yelled crazily in people’s gasps, “F--k off! S--t! Get away from me! If anyone comes close, I will kill this retarded king!”

Brook, Pierce and the soldiers were shocked. They quickly surrounded him and sword, spears, blades, hammers and all kinds of weapons were pointed at him.

“Let go of the king! You weak b-----d!” Pierce swung his hammer and yelled.

Brook was nervous. Although the king had demonstrated his monstrous strength that had killed one star warriors with only a single strike, the flame-like energies surrounding Conca meant that he was already a two star warrior. Moreover, Conca had sneakily attacked. He was worried that the king would be hurt and said quickly, “Conca, let go of King Alexander! I swear to the God of War that we will let you leave Chambord alive and you can go back to your life as a mercenary.”

“Mercenary? Hahaha, you want me to go back to being a precarious mercenary?” Conca had lost his mind, he laughed like a madman and said, “You think that after two years of luxury and erosion at Chambord, I’m still a qualified mercenary? I don’t want to risk my life for a gold coin anymore…… I need a ton of gold and two fast horses. Go get them!”

While Conca was distracted, the number one warrior of Chambord, Lampard was moving towards him slowly. The black sword on Lampard’s back was shaking; Lampard was calculating the distance between them and thinking of a way to save Fei quickly……

However –

Conca discovered it.

He screamed like a stimulated mouse, “Don’t come any closer! Mr. Lampard, stay away, farther……farther! I know I can’t fight you, but with a distance like this, don’t you think I could twist off this retarded king’s head before you could get to me?”

Lampard was frustrated, but he had to back off. No one expected that it would come to this.

Brook and Pierce were worried, but they didn’t know what to do. If they could, they would substitute for Fei, but……

The only one who appeared calm in the crowd was the Head Minister Bazzer. Excitment appeared in his eyes. He prayed in his mind, “Idiot, stop talking! Kill him now! Kill him. Hahaha, that will save me a ton of work……”

“Go prepare the money and the horses! Quick!” Conca was nervous from the weapons pointing at him; he yelled repeatedly.


“Don’t prepare that!” Fei who was silent had finally spoke.

“What did you say?” Conca was surprised.

“I said they don’t have to prepare those thing. Because you don’t have any more chances to enjoy the money.” Fei said calmly, as if he was explain stuff to a kid.

That calmness made Conca feel like he was the one being held onto, not Fei. The extremely nervous Conca was enraged, “Haha, no more chance? Idiot, tell me why?”

“Because, you – are – about – to – die!”


Before Conca could react, he felt a severe pain from his stomach. It felt like his internal organs were exploded by someone. Before the hand that was on Fei’s neck could do anything, he lost his strength, and the sky and ground started rotating in his eyes. He was sent into the air by Fei’s punch.

This scene made the crowd gasp again.

“What happened?” Many people were shocked. From their perspective, the young king who was seized moved his arm and hit Conca’s stomach lightly as if he was playing……

The next second –

The flame-like energy surrounding Conca was smashed into pieces and disappeared quickly. Conca was lifted off the ground and flew up in the air.

While the people were still shocked, Fei grabbed a spear out of a soldier’s hand threw it towards Conca.

“Shua -!”

The spear split air and flew towards Conca like a huge siege bolt.

Conca, who was still in midair, didn’t even have the time to scream. The spear penetrated his heart accurately and the massive momentum nailed his body onto the watchtower on the defensive wall. His limbs twitched a couple times, but his head soon tilted and blood flowed out of his mouth. He couldn’t be more dead.

The crisis was eliminated.

One strike?

Technically two strikes, but a two star warrior was easily killed. Although there were a ton of miracles that were performed by this young king, everyone was still shocked, including the number one warrior Lampard.

The difference in strength between a one star warrior and a two star warrior was not just the number. On the Azeroth Continent, the rank of the strength and power of warriors and mages were categorized based on the sky; there were three general ranks: [Sun],[Moon],and [Star].

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