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Hail the King Chapter 281.1

Chapter 281: Rapid Increase in Strength (Part One)

After the battle where Fei gave his all, he lost his strength and didn’t even want to move his fingers. All of the external and internal injuries made Fei feel like he was getting bit by numerous ants. Every time he moved his body, it felt like he was getting poked by numerous needles; he would sweat a ton due to the pain.

After some rest, Fei’s thoughts got clearer in the cold wind.

He struggled and got a bottle of [Health Potion] from his storage space. After he chugged it down, the wounds disappeared, and he felt a lot better.

After Fei got more powerful, the effect of the [Health Potion] decreased.

This was expected.

The reason was simple. If a level 10 Barbarian had the health of 100, then the level 46 Barbarian had the health of more than 600. The [Health Potion] that could only heal 50 health points wouldn’t heal as much now proportionally speaking. When Fei just got to Azeroth Continent, half a bottle of [Health Potion] could save Pierce who was on the verge of dying. But now, it could only cure some injuries on Pierce’s body since he was now a four-star warrior.

After the potion was chugged, the fatigue was disappearing as well.

As someone who learned from experience, Fei thought back to this dangerous battle habitually.

That mysterious man was too damn powerful, and he knew a lot of combat techniques. [Strike of Sword], [Strike of Blade], [Strike of Palm], [Strike of Arrow], [Strike of Fist], [Strike of Finger]…… all of these techniques were used by him easily, but they dealt a great amount of damage. Fei’s level 46 Barbarian was equivalent to a seven-star warrior, but he was still beat. It felt like an adult was beating a kid.

However, what Fei was thinking about wasn’t around this mysterious man’s strength.

For some reason, the king felt like he was ignoring something important.

After he frowned and tried to catch that moment of enlightenment, he still couldn’t figure it out. He stood still for about thirty minutes, and he felt a huge amount of pain in his forehead. Sweat dripped out of his temple like a fountain…… All of this was caused by the intense thinking.

Another cold breeze blew by…… As Fei sighed and was ready to give up, a buzz suddenly sounded in his head. All of the blockages in his head and in his thinking process were blew opened, and he was in another zone.


Fei relaxed his eyebrows and suddenly punched out.

A huge transparent crystal fist mark flew out. After it traveled for about ten meters, it paused for a second. The light around it dimmed down a little, and its size decreased a lot as well. But after this moment of change, it continued its trajectory and dashed into the region where the Fist Spiritual Spatial Seals of the two master warriors were at. The green and red warrior energies instantly lit up the sky, and the warrior energies spilled in all directions as if numerous master warriors were throwing punches at each other.

Fei frowned again.

This punch didn’t reach his expectation.

He stood there and thought about it for a bit more. In his head, he played the moments when that mysterious man initiated the strikes…… That presence, that state of mind, that confidence, that control……

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

He thought as he punched out and practiced. Fei was experiencing something that he had never experienced before.

Fei practiced until it was dawn, and he felt like he grasped onto something.

He switched to [Assassin Mode], and he got out of the battlefield using his special movement pattern. After he depleted his spiritual power, he trained it more using the methods in the purple scroll. After his spiritual power increased a little, he nodded out of satisfaction and disappeared from Moro Mountains.


The morning sunlight lit up the world.

After the strictest curfew, daytime restrictions, and numerous searches, the busy and prosperous atmosphere returned to the camp area.

The competition was about to take place in two days, and all of the 244 affiliated kingdoms were preparing for it; remember, six affiliated kingdoms got executed for involving with the assassins of Spartax. All of the master warriors of the affiliated kingdoms were concentrating and bettering their conditions. Some of them were practicing with each other on the fifty Sword Testing Stages in the camp. They were all trying to use different methods to advance their strength one last time before the competition.

The expedition force of Chambord was no different.

The practice of the Saint Seiyas and Bylaw Enforcement Officers were managed by Peter-Cech who was the head of the military.

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