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Hail the King Chapter 282.1

Chapter 282: Increase in Social Status (Part One)

The first group of guests was led by [Red Beard] Granello.

The appearance of the second most influential figure under the second prince Dominguez quickly caught a lot of eyes in the camp area. Twenty soldiers from Imperial Patrol guarded six carriages and walked behind Granello. They acted as if they were trying to show-off; even people who didn’t’ know Granello paid a lot of attention to them. But when these people saw the six carriages heading into the campsite of Chambord, various kind of expressions appeared on their faces.

“These are the treasures of Blood-Edge. His Highness sent us here just to deliver them.”

[Red Beard] Granello was very polite. He was not the usual silent henchman today. He laughed and said: “Ms. Paris was planning to come, but some urgent matters came up and she has to deal with them. Therefore, I am the one who came, and Ms. Paris wants me to apologize for her about this!”

“Don’t worry about it. Thank you so much, Mr. Granello.” Fei waved his hand, and Chambord’s Bylaw Enforcement Officers took charge of the carriages.

When Blood-Edge got wiped. The second prince said that he would give all of his gains to Chambord, and he also revealed his “strength” a little. Today, he fulfilled his promise and sent the treasures over.

Although Fei didn’t care about these treasures, no one would have a headache for having too much money. Plus, accepting the gift itself was an expression of respect. If Fei rejected the gift, there might be some grudges created.

“His Highness only heard about what happened yesterday afterward. His Highness said that you don’t need to worry about Imperial Knight Palace anymore.” [Red Beard] Granello didn’t stay at Chambord’s campsite for too long. After some chit-chat, he told Fei that before he left.

Fei nodded.

Although this was within his expectation, his impression of the second prince got even better. The prince must have pressured the Imperial Knight Palace, and he did so during such a sensitive time. After all, the attitude of the Imperial Knight Palace during the battle of the throne could tilt the scale.

This made Dominguez more trustworthy in Fei’s mind.

Also, this gift came at the right time.

From now on, the portion of the treasures of Blood-Edge that was in Fei’s storage space could see daylight with a plausible explanation – He could say that they were all from the second prince. Fei believed that this was one of the reasons why Dominguez gave him the gift.

At the same time, this would give Fei a reason to own a lot of money. After all, the power of the Horadric Cube would cause a lot of trouble for Fei if it was exposed.

“Please thank his highness for me!” Fei patted Granello’s shoulder and said farewell to the [Red Beard] and his men.

This scene was witnessed by other affiliated kingdoms.

“Looks like the second prince and the king of Chambord had established some kind of an agreement!”

“Ever since the king of Chambord shocked the world with his strength, he is qualified to weigh in on the battle for the throne.”

“I wonder what a force like Chambord could do to this heated battle when the king of Chambord favors the second prince……”

“Strange…… why would the king of Chambord favor the second prince?”

Similar chatters sounded in the camp area. Since the ten level 1 affiliated kingdoms kept their low-profiles, the new powerhouse Chambord became the topic of conversation. A ton of scouts and spies monitored Chambord, and the appearance of Granello made a lot of people think.

However, no one expected the next sequence of events.

After sending off the first group of guests, another group of guests appeared before Fei got back into his tent. All that Fei could see was a dash of purple from afar, and then he identified the girl, Ziene, who was always by the side of the elder princess.

Behind Ziene, there were also six carriages. Although the carriages were covered with green cloth and no one can be sure what was in them, the deep trails left by the wheels made people correlate treasures and magic gems with the carriages.

Except for a few people who had a lot of information, no one knew who this girl in the purple dress was.

This young and pretty girl gave off an icy and pure presence. The purple dress and the leather armor emphasized her figure, and she easily caught all the males’ attention as she walked through the camp area.

However, no one dared to approach her and talk to her; even the princes of the affiliated kingdoms who usually were players acted like sheeps. The powerful sensation coming off of the girl made them shiver, let alone the forty elite soldiers from the [Iron Blood] Legion.

“Your majesty! These treasures of Blood-Edge are sent by the elder princess on behalf of the elder prince. They might be of use to you.” After she got in front of Fei, she broke the record; it was the first time that she talked to a man this much; it was more than ten words!

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