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Hail the King Chapter 282.2

Chapter 282: Increase in Social Status (Part Two)

Fei giggled: “If I’m not wrong, it is only the elder princess’ will. I bet the elder prince didn’t say anything.”

Ziene looked up at Fei with a surprised expression. With her mouth open, it felt like she was asking Fei: “How did you know?” Although the girl held back her curiosity, her expression betrayed her.

Fei lightly shook his head.

Actually, the elder prince Arshavin always had a faint of hostility towards Fei, and Fei felt it from the beginning. Since the elder princess was trying to minimize it, the light hostility didn’t turn into hatred. However, Fei didn’t worry too much about it. As long as Arshavin wasn’t the emperor, he wasn’t a huge threat to Fei. Even if he did inherit the throne in a few years, Fei would have the power to rival against Zenit as well.

The intent behind this gift was the same. Just like Paris, the elder princess also wanted Fei to have a legitimate reason for owning the treasures of Blood-Edge.

The six carriages were pushed into the campsite of Chambord under the stares of numerous people. The soldiers of [Iron Blood] Legion chopped the ropes that were tying up the green cloth and revealed the huge black iron chests. After that, they opened the lid and allowed the gold and silver lights to be reflected. In addition to those, there were magic surges created by the magic gems. All of these dreamy colors made the people aware of what was inside them even though some of the people were hundreds of meters away.

Jealousy and envy appeared in many people’s eyes.

All of the treasures on these six carriages were equivalent to three years of income of a level 4 affiliated kingdom. With all these treasures, the king of Chambord would be one of the richest kings among all others even if he was broke beforehand.

If the king of Chambord was physically powerful before, he was now also financially strong.

Chambord was even more feared.

Ziene didn’t like to talk. After she delivered the treasures, she said goodbyes. “Your majesty, her highness told me to tell you that your conflict with the Imperial Knight Palace is settled; you no longer need to worry about it!”

Fei laughed: “Please expression the gratitude on my behalf.”

“So the side of elder prince also pressured the Imperial Knight Palace……” Fei was a little proud. “So my social status improved? The two most powerful princes are willing to offend the Imperial Knight Palace for me? So my value is higher than the Imperial Knight Palace?” He thought.

“Your majesty…… please take care!” The pretty girl in the purple dress said to Fei lightly before she left.

Fei was surprised.

It was obvious that this wasn’t a line that the elder princess wants to say to him; they were Ziene’s own words.

Fei wanted to say “thanks”, but Ziene already turned into a dash of purple light and disappeared into the sky.

“So why did the elder prince also give the king of Chambord such an expensive present?” Some of the observers were confused.

They knew the origin of these people from the symbol [Iron Blood] on the soldiers’ chest armors. Since these men represented the will of the elder prince Arshavin, this confused the crowd even more.

“Could it be that the king of Chambord is still waiting for a good price and he hadn’t chosen a side yet?”

“Damn, the king of Chambord! Such balls! Such ambitions!” Some people sneered. If anyone used this method to maximize their own profit in a battle of the throne, any prince who becomes the next emperor would hold a grudge against them. “This king is really just a bumpkin. Without knowledge, he made such a big mistake.” People thought.


Fei didn’t care about the observers.

After doing some accounting, Fei sent a small portion of the weapons and treasures to Constantine of Byzantine, he awarded a portion of the treasures to his soldiers, and he ordered his men to lock up the rest and safeguard them as the kingdom’s treasures.

That night, Fei switched to Assassin Mode and easily passed through checkpoints to get to Moro Mountains.

More than a dozen magic arrays were still protecting the huge battlefield, and numerous fist spiritual spatial seals were floating around in the air. A thin figure was standing in the center of the space with a bronze robe on his body; he was standing there peacefully as if he was the center of the universe, and he drew all of Fei’s attention.

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