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Hail the King Chapter 284.2

Chapter 284: Legendary Emperor (Part Two)

Unexpectedly, the king warrior of all warriors who made his enemies back off was about to reach his end due to the hidden injuries and worsened illnesses. The time is merciless, and heroes ages as well!

Fei really didn’t expect this notes [Warrior Power Condensation and Granular Control – Complete Training Methodology] to be written by Emperor Yassin.

Although Fei who was from another universe didn’t completely understand the law of jungle here yet, he knew that notes like this would be a priceless treasure in the empire. Just like the secret techniques in the Wuxia Books, this notes would make the warriors fight and kill for it. Although the notes were written when Yassin was still a prince, it was just before the up-rise of him and was still significant and precious.

The mysterious warrior was able to get something that should be placed in a tightly guarded library in the Royal Palace? This information was enough to make people wonder.

Could it be that he was one of the masters who served the royal family?


Fei felt like things were getting weirder, and he got nowhere thinking about it. He shook his head and opened the notes. He concentrated on the small prints on the second page and read the notes carefully under the silver moonlight.

Soon, Fei was intrigued.

For two hours, Fei stood there with the notes like a statue and wasn’t distracted by things around him. Only the wind fluttered his long black hair.

Fei’s strength was from Diablo World, and it has increased rapidly. Although the power from Diablo World was strong and varietal, most of the utilization techniques and experiences were from Fei’s combats with monsters and enemies; there weren’t complete systems nor theoretical backgrounds. Compared with master warriors on Azeroth Continent like Yassin, Fei lacked in terms of understanding of power and strength.

After reading the notes, it felt like eating a chilled watermelon on a hot summer day. There were many things that Fei didn’t understand before, now he knew what was going on. Although the night was still dark, Fei felt like his future was bright and clear!

“So that……”

Fei was really excited after he read the notes.

He admired Emperor Yassin who he had never met. By reading the notes, the ideas and the thinking processes of the young genius warrior vividly appeared in Fei’s head.



The next day; it was one day from the competition.

Fei returned to Chambord’s campsite before dawn and slept with his beautify fiancée in his arms. He got up when the sun came up. After he had breakfast and talked with the other leaders about the strategies that Chambord was going to use in the competition, he entered Diablo World and tried to level up. This time, the leveling-up speed was a lot slower since Fei tried to practice the techniques he learned from the notes. However, his control and utilization of his barbarian strength skyrocketed.

Four and half hours later, the barbarian character was level 51.

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  1. Gromhellscream

    Can someone remind me what level 51 was equal to in Azeroth?

  2. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  3. Niniim

    I never played any Diablo but wasn’t there only 50 levels in Diablo I ?

    • Gromhellscream

      I pretty sure this is diablo 2 since the storyline and classes are same to diablo 2

  4. ExiledKing

    Near 300 chapters in, story is still interesting props to both the author and translator

  5. F5sectmember

    The famous competition we heard about since more than a hundred chaps will finally start. Even if I bet most kingdoms will declare forfeit before him to avoid offend him and save their strength for the future…

  6. im pretty sure it said max was 100 in this novel

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