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Hail the King Chapter 286.1

Chapter 286: The Situation Is Different (Part One)

Spiral Force and Hidden Force Overlay needed even more granular control than what Fei learned last night. There was more knowledge to be acquired, and the techniques themselves required highly talented and powerful warriors. But since Fei learned the granular control from Emperor Yassin’s first notes, this one wasn’t too difficult to understand.

The night was long, and Fei was mesmerized by the notes. He was studying the notes on Spiral Force Techniques and Hidden Force Overlay Techniques as if he was a man who was dying of thirst in the desert and suddenly saw a clear lake.

Time passed by fast.

When the sun was almost up, Fei finally stopped learning about the new techniques. He started to use the magic arrays around the battlefield and the methods in the purple scroll to train his spiritual power.

When the sun finally came up, Fei completed his training for the night. This was the longest night training that he did. Before, Fei would return to the campsite of Chambord before dawn. But he was really in the zone today, and he couldn’t stop himself.

After he switched back to Assassin Mode, Fei dashed towards the camp area. Although the sun was ready up, Fei was still able to get through all the checkpoints undiscovered.

When he got back to Chambord’s campsite, people on the roster who would be competing today had put on their armors and got on their horses. They were all waiting for their king to command them; they were ready to go to the competition and win the supreme glory for the kingdom.

When Fei got dressed in the blue king robe, put on the golden crown that had a ruby in it, and grabbed the king scepter in his hand, the entire campsite almost collapsed due to the shouts and cheers after Fei walked out of the tent.

Every soldier’s blood was boiling. They stared at and worshipped their invincible king; they felt the confidence as they looked at their king’s smile. They felt like their king was a god of war who was wearing the bright sun on his back. Every soldier swore with their soul –

“I’m willing to battle to the death for his majesty!”

“Hail His Majesty!”

“Hail the King!”

The bright and sharp weapons reflected the chilliness of the winter and the light of the sun, and murderous spirits flowed in the blood of the soldiers. What was standing by Fei’s side was an invincible legion in the making. They worshipped their young king, and they were afraid of nothing!

Their blade would be swung for the king!

Their blood would be spilled for the king!

Fei was moved by what he was seeing as well. He raised his king scepter into the air, and he said after all of the soldiers around him quieted down: “Victory!”

“Victory!” All of the soldiers repeated after him, and it was as loud as thunder.

“Glory represents my life!” Fei shouted as he jumped onto the back of [Black Tornado].

“Glory represents my life!” The soldiers grabbed the reins and raised their weapons.

“Move out!”

Fei commanded as [Black Tornado] roared and walked out of the campsite.

[Black Tornado]’s strange roar that was comparable to the roar of the dragon resonated in the camp area. All these days, [Black Tornado] had been consuming a lot of [Hulk Potion]. Under the potion, its body had been developing continuously. Now, the black dog was about three meters tall when it was on its all fours, and it looked magnificent. Its black fur had a blue light to it, and it ran like a tiger. From its appearance, it would be hard for people to associate it with a dog; [Black Tornado] was more like a demon beast.

Behind Fei, Pierce and Drogba held the flag with the two-headed dog as well as the ax and sword in the background.

Both strongmen were more than two meters tall, and their muscles were huge as well; they were like two small mountains. The level 4 Roaring Flame Beasts that they were riding on all had four clouds of fire-like magic elements around their hooves, and murderous spirits also flashed through their eyes regularly.

As trophies that were seized from the Chishui Kingdom, Angela cared a lot for them. After all of the nourishment, they finally returned to their natural state and lived up to their name – “vicious mounts”.

Level 4 demon beasts with demon beasts like strongmen on them; it was terrifying!

Behind the two men, there were Torres, Cech, Elena, and other warriors of Chambord. They were also riding level 4 Roaring Flame Beasts, and they protected a magic carriage that was being pulled by handsome horses. In it, there was Angela, Emma, and eight other pretty girls – the eight girls who Fei decided to protect. Actually, the eight girls had already gotten used to the life at Chambord’s campsite.

Behind them, there were fifty soldiers of Chambord who were ready.

They were also riding level 4 Roaring Flame Beasts. As they passed through the streets, the ferocious atmosphere made other people back off sub-consciously. It felt like there were fifty blood-thirsty monsters, and they were not humans; it was too pressing.

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  3. belkak210

    Wasn’t the hulk potion supposed to lose effectiveness the more it’s used?
    Besides it was never explained why the dog was able to go all the way to 4 star with just one of them.

    • Eon

      Yes, but that had been only confirmed for HUMANS. We don’t know if there is a confirmed limit on the amount that animals/beasts can take. Also, we don’t know if the potion is more potent for animals/beasts as well. Also, there could be differing strength levels between animals/beasts and humans (i.e. star-class level 1 for beasts = star-class level 2 for humans or vice-versa)? But yeah the author should have clarified these things.

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