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Hail the King Chapter 286.2

Chapter 286: The Situation Is Different (Part Two)

This was the formal team who was going to participate in the competition.

The former number one warrior of Chambord – Lampard was guarding the campsite with the rest of the soldiers and waiting for Chambord’s victory.

The team walked towards the field in the center of the camp area under the respectful stare of everyone.

“God, is this Chambord’s team? Powerful! Too Powerful!”

“Huh, I didn’t expect this! I didn’t expect Chambord to have so many master warriors and high-quality armors and equipment. Do you see their mounts? They are the legendary number one vicious mount – Roaring Flame Beasts! They are the best mounts for cavalries. They are fast and are able to carry a lot of weights. Also, they are able to attack on their own. They are the dream mounts, and a lot of noble knights couldn’t even get their hands on one……”

“Damn! I thought we only need to look out for the king of Chambord! I thought we had a chance! Damn, we are all wrong!”

“Hahaha, interesting! This year’s competition is interesting! Looks like the ten level 1 affiliated kingdoms have competition! Chambord could break through and disrupt the regular flow!”

“Not sure if Chambord could perform a miracle and become the winner of the Kingdom Ranking Matches.”

“That is not guaranteed. Maybe the king of Chambord has a chance on his own; he defeated Executive Knights and is powerful. But when it comes down to group matches, it would be hard to say. After all, the ten level 1 affiliated kingdoms have years of accumulations. They couldn’t be compared to a young force……”

“Hehe, just wait and see. Things aren’t that simple. The tall tree in a forest would be taken down by wind first. Chambord had been in the news lately for too much. They exposed a lot of their strength, and this is their weakness. Do they want to make things different? The old forces will teach them a lesson!”

As the team from Chambord proceeded towards the central field, chatters and murmured got louder and louder.



In the central field in the camp area.

244 affiliated kingdoms and more than twenty thousand people including the kings, princes, and master warriors……

Numerous flags fluttered in the cold wind under the bright sun, and war horses created “white clouds” in front of them as they breathed heavily. All of Zenit’s elites were in the central field.

More than twenty thousand elite soldiers packed the central field in 244 formations of different sizes.

Although Fei got famous, Chambord was still a level 6 affiliated kingdom after all. Therefore, Chambord’s location was on the very edge, and people of Chambord could only vaguely see the central stage that was more than twenty meters tall and thousands of meters away.

The stage was made from hundred-year-old trees that were cut from Moro Mountains. It was truly magnificent.

The bottom floor of the stage was a square space with a hundred meters on each side. Then, there were eight more floors on top of the first floor with two sets of stairs on each side. According to the usual tradition, Emperor Yassin would appear on the highest floor of the stage. He would then inspect the elite soldiers of the kingdoms and make sacrifices to the gods with the help of the priests from Holy Church. The emperor would use a small saber and kill three white bulls that were three years old. The hearts of the bulls would be taken out, and the priests from the Holy Church would try to foresee the next three years of the empire.

This sacrifice procedure was a vital part of the competition, and it represented something important.

However, the situation was different this year.

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