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Hail the King Chapter 289.1

Chapter 289: Piece of Cake (Part One)

Although the wind created by this ferocious strike moved Cech’s hair, Cech was really calm; no emotion could be read from his face.

Woooo! As the strike came closer, some of the audience closed their eyes; they had already foreseen the bloody scene where Cech’s head exploded. The spiked clubs were going to hit Cech’s head; the two clubs were about a centimeter away.

At this moment –

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

A series of light crackling noises sounded

The battle turned around in this split second.

Everything seemed to be frozen at this moment on the Sword Testing Stage.

The tough Gude Warrior who was charging at Cech like a beast suddenly paused completely. The two clubs that were swung at Cech also froze in mid-air.

The two clubs couldn’t move forward anymore.

What was stopping them were two fingers.

Two fingers that weren’t thick.

Peter-Cech who was calm raised his arms and pointed out his fingers. The two fingers pressed against the tip of the clubs and eliminated this strike from this vicious Gude Warrior.

Actually, it did not just eliminate the strike.

It actually defeated the Gude warrior.

Soon, the audiences’ mouths opened wide as they witnessed something unbelievable.

A crack slowly appeared on the two clubs where Cech’s fingers were at. Like spider webs, the cracks enlarged in the same pattern. Gradually, this pair of clubs that were made from top-quality iron got turned into a pile of iron dust.


The bearded warrior from the Gude Kingdom gasped as he looked at the handles in his hand. His face paled as if he saw a ghost, and his legs started to shake out of fear.

Breaking two clubs made from top-quality iron using two fingers signified the different in the power levels between them. The warrior from Gude knew that he would be dead if his opponent wanted to.

“You lost.” Cech pulled back his fingers as he said: “I don’t want to kill anyone. Jump off of the stage!”

“I……” The bearded warrior wanted to say something, but all of his courage disappeared as he looked at the iron dust on the ground. He paused and jumped off of the stage.

“Winner of this individual ranking match is Peter-Cech from Chambord!”

The judge announced the result loud and clear using the special magic array on the stage that could project his voice. Everyone heard that.

“Cech! Cech! Peter-Cech!!!”

No one expected such a fantastic battle early on. Although there weren’t explosive warrior energies, chipped flooring, and flying dust, Cech who was in a light leather armor and easily destroyed the iron clubs shocked the audiences.

This shock was far stronger than the shock that any other kinds of fancy fights could bring. The judge’s announcement woke up the people who were shocked and dumbfounded, and these people in the audiences started to cheer Cech’s name. The scene was really moving.

On the Sword Testing Stage, Cech completely demonstrated the presence and the style of a warrior and a commander. His leather armor was bright under the sun, and his cape fluttered in the wind as well as his long hair.

Fei who was sitting in the resting area laughed and clapped his hands.

The fifty soldiers from Chambord were also excited. They knocked their weapons against their iron shields to make a lot of metal-colliding noises; they were doing what they could to cheer on their commander.

This was the first time that these soldiers saw Cech battle.

They didn’t expect their commander who was low-key and rarely engaged in fights to be so powerful; they thought that Cech was weaker than Pierce, Drogba, Torres, and others leaders. After seeing their silent commander standing on the stage in such a cool fashion, all of the soldiers felt like their blood was boiling.


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