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Hail the King Chapter 29

Chapter 29: [King’s Sword]

Star ranks were at the bottom of the whole system. For warriors, their ranks were determined by the ‘thickness’ of their energy. On Azeroth Continent, when a warrior created energy for the first time in training, a magical swirling star would appear over the warrior’s head. The number of stars increased from one to nine as the thickness of their energy increased. Every time a new star appeared, it meant that the warrior had went up a rank; each rank would increase their strength dramatically.

A nine star warrior was at the peak of the star rank. After that, if one could step over the peak of a nine star warrior, they would become a moon ranked warrior. However, this jump was extremely difficult. 70% of the warriors on Azeroth Continent would never become moon ranked in their lifetime.

Moon ranked warriors were at a whole new level. They could choose different training methods. There were ones that chose to focus on using special weapons that were called [destiny warriors], ones that chose to make contracts with powerful monsters and share their powers that were called [beastspirit warriors], and many more. There were many training methods to become more powerful.

Moon ranked warriors were very influential. They could easily obtain appreciation from the powerful empires on the continent. Noble status, money, political power, you name it.

Above moon ranked warriors were sun ranked warriors. They were like gods; they only appeared in legends. The same applied to mages.

Chambord was located very far from the center of the continent, so naturally, no one had ever seen or heard of sun ranked warriors or mages.

This was the ranking system on Azeroth Continent. The strength Fei demonstrated had completely changed the understanding that people had about warriors in Chambord.

Nobody knew what kind of power Fei had. Without having any energy, he easily punched through a two star warrior’s energy shield and killed him instantly.

As the number one warrior in Chambord, three star ranked warrior Lampard was confused as well. He couldn’t believe it; it seemed like Alexander had only used his brutal strength….. “But since when could pure brutal force contend with a warrior’s energy?”

Only the honest Brook knew the ‘truth’; his body was shivering from excitement: “It must be the god’s power! It must be the power that the God of War had left inside the king……”

Bazzer hid himself within the crowd. After seeing Fei’s action, his facial expression remained gloomy. However, Bazzer was really surprised in his mind, “This is unbelievable. The r----d didn’t just turn normal. His strength is also unpredictable now…… It seems like I have to make some adjustments to my plan……I can’t wait anymore.”

Everyone was thinking about what had happened. It was completely quiet on the defensive wall.

Fei was surprised as well, seeing how he had instantly killed Conca. He felt like his strength increased significantly since yesterday’s battle. After thinking about it, it was probably due to leveling up his barbarian character from 5 to 7. However, right now wasn’t the best time to think about that.


He turned around and drew his sword from the scabbard on his waist. He yelled, “ Pierce!”

Pierce was surprised, but he quickly understood what Fei meant. He stepped up and half kneeled, “Your Majesty!”

“You destroyed two of the enemy’s siege ladders yesterday in the battle and helped Chambord fend off the enemies. I shall honor your feats as king and appoint you as the new Military Judge of Chambord. You shall be in charge of the [King’s sword] and supervise the defense. If anyone dares to disobey any command or back off from the frontline, they shall be executed with this sword…… including me; if I back off from the battle that is about to begin, you shall penetrate my heart with this sword!”

Fei passed his sword to Pierce.

This was the idea that Fei got from the military movies he watched on Earth. Before battle, morale was just as important as the military rules and laws. Healing the wounded soldiers and pretending to be the messenger of the God of War last night helped boost morale, while executing Military Judge Conca and appointing Pierce helped set up standards and reinforce serious disciplines.

It was wise to establish both incentives and penalties.

Pierce took the [King’s Sword] with both his hand and said, “As you wish, my great king!” After that, he jumped onto a battlement with the sword raised over his head and roared to his fellow soldiers, “Brothers, battle! For King Alexander!”

The surging morale was lit by Pierce’s roar.

“Tink! Tink! Tink!” The sound of clanging metal surrounded the defensive wall. The sounds of swords and blades tapping on shields and armour… spears stomping the stone ground on the defensive wall……Soldiers used this method to express their respect and support for the king.

This was the king of Chambord!

The real king!

A couple minutes ago, some people were still hesitant in believing the godlike rumors; but now, everyone believed it.

There was no need to doubt anymore. Fei’s series of commands and actions had shocked everyone on the defensive wall. Especially when he yelled at Conca, it pumped up the wounded soldiers who had battled non-stop for many days. Simple recognition on Azeroth Continent was more valuable than any promises or physical rewards to soldiers most of the time. A king as such deserved their loyalty.

Head Minister Bazzer stood in the crowd. Viciousness flashed through his eyes; no one knew what he was thinking about.

Fei raised his hand and the soldiers quickly became quiet. They stared in excitement as they waited for the king’s next command.

Fei looked around and asked impatiently, “Why isn’t Warden Oleg here yet?”

“Your Majesty, I’m here, I’m here……”

A trembling figure squeezed out of the crowd. He walked up a couple steps and kneeled in front of Fei, “Great King Alexander, after receiving your command, I rushed here instantly…… God bless you, my honourable king!”

This figure was Warden Oleg.

He was a little bit late, but he saw what happened to Conca. After thinking about what he had done to Alexander, he felt a chill to his bones. He was hoping that he would be forgotten by blending in with the crowd, but King Alexander had called him out directly. Oleg didn’t dare play any tricks. Although he was scared, he stepped out, kneeled down and started to praise Fei.

He even wanted to crawl over and kiss the king’s boots.



Weapons were drawn out.

Brook and Pierce stepped up and blocked Oleg, and the soldiers formed a bladed wall in front of Oleg. They didn’t want him close to the king.

Conca had approached the king easily and almost caused a tragedy. Although the king executed Conca, as the King’s Guards, they couldn’t let the same mistake happen twice.

Oleg was terrified.

He kept his head on the ground, “Your majesty, please forgive me……I’m different from Conca……I’m super loyal to you, I’m willing to sacrifice everything for you……I’m your most faithful servant, your commands are the purpose of my life, I……”

Fei frowned.

This warden was only 5 foot 4. He had a huge beard. With a scar on his forehead; he looked sturdy and ruthless. However, Fei didn’t expect him to be such a flatterer.

“How could this flatterer manage the prison?” Fei was suspicious.

“Alright, get up……” Fei signalled the soldiers to withdraw their weapons. He walked to Oleg and said, “This bullshit doesn’t mean anything to me. If my commands are the purpose of your life, then pick up your weapon and fight for Chambord! You are a one star warrior right? Look over there……” Fei pointed at the part of the defensive wall and battlements he had destroyed yesterday because of the siege ladders, “In the coming battle, I want you to guard that gap, you got that?”

Oleg looked at the gap. He knew that when the battle began, it would be the most intense battleground. Even if he was a one star warrior, he would have a hard time defending that gap……

However, he couldn’t disobey the command.

The strength of the ‘new’ Alexander devastated him. Oleg knew that if he dared to say no, he would be nailed on the watchtower, just like Conca.

“As you wish, my honourable young king! I will guard that gap with my life! Even if I die, I won’t let any enemy get close to you!”

Oleg had to accept the command bitterly.

He knew if he couldn’t get the appreciation of the young man in front of him today, today would be the last day of his warden life. He accepted the command and more compliments naturally came out of his mouth.

Fei was disgusted by it and backed off a couple steps.

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