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Hail the King Chapter 290.1

Chapter 290: Situations at the Five Battle Regions (Part One)

The next rounds of team matches were easy as well.

On the No. 44 Sword Testing Stage, the fifty Saint Seiyas from Chambord charged four times, and they rushed the soldiers from the Gude Kingdom off of the stage and won the four rounds of battles.

When they charged, when the fifty Saint Seiyas changed from casual positions into a real formation and charged at the soldiers of Gude, they were like heavy cavalries. Although the heavy and huge black iron shields looked light in the hands of the Saint Seiyas, the soldiers who got hit by them felt like they were hit by hammers that were more than tens of thousands of pounds. The soldiers of Gude got knocked off of the stage like dummies……

Chambord VS Gude, Chambord won all ten battles.

The judge’s voice was clearly heard by all the audiences through the voice-amplifying magic array. It represented the end of Chambord’s first round of battles.

This result was within everyone’s expectation.

However, the people who saw all the battles were still shocked by what Chambord was capable of. The king of Chambord who dominated the Executive Knights didn’t even show himself and his warriors were able to destroy the Gude Kingdom who was a top-tier level 3 affiliated kingdom.

Six individual matches and four team matches only took less than one hour! It was lightning fast!

When the Chambordians left the resting area and went back to their campsite, cheers soared into the sky behind them like a tornado.

“We did all we can. They have observed Chambord’s strength. Whatever is going to happen next is irrelevant to us……” The old king of Gude shook his head as he sighed. He patted the elder prince’s shoulder and continued with a relieved expression on his serious-looking face: “It is unfortunate and somewhat fortunate for us to meet Chambord in the first round. Chambordians aren’t as murderous as they were rumored to be. We didn’t suffer any casualties, and we still have hope via the losers’ bracket!”

[Black Wolf] nodded.

The old king was right. Chambord wasn’t a kingdom that Gude could defeat.

After recalling how powerful and destructive the storm-like arrows that the blonde young man shot out were, he relived the feeling of being breathtaking; it was pure domination. The prince here was a notable warrior among the affiliated kingdoms, but he was powerfulness in front of the no-name warrior of Chambord. If his opponent wanted to, he would be dead by now!

“Use your own power to deal with the king of Chambord! Our Gude won’t be used by you as a tool next time!”



After five hours.

The first day of the competition was over before the sunset.

Chambord defeated its opponent and moved onto the next round. The kingdom would be battling with the twenty-four other kingdoms in the northern region who won today tomorrow. After the top ten masters and the limited winning kingdoms of the region were set, the Kingdom Ranking Matches would begin.

In the one hundred and twenty matches today, a lot of master warriors and mages had appeared.

Even though Chambord used less than one hour to finish the battles, it wasn’t the fastest.

In the northern battle region, the opponents of level 1 affiliated kingdoms Meixi and Cather, as well as the level 2 affiliated kingdoms Sens and Zeno, all decided to surrender; they knew that they had no chance, and they could still compete in the losers’ bracket. Therefore, the four kingdoms who were the traditional winners all moved on without a fight.

If what happened in the northern battle region was within expectation as the stronger kingdoms won, the other four battle regions had some surprises.

Southern battle region.

Level 6 affiliated kingdom Byzantine defeated level 3 affiliated kingdom Kejin. Byzantine won three out of the six individual matches as well as three out of four team matches. With a record of six to four, they moved onto the next round. The young king Constantine used his unique technique of [Seven Injure Fist] and defeated the prince of Kejin, [Mad Wolf]. The [Seven Injure Fist] was powerful and destructive. Many masters believed that Constantine had a chance of becoming one of the top ten masters in the southern battle region if he performed well!

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