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Hail the King Chapter 291.1

Chapter 291: Mysterious and Beautiful Woman (Part One)

The king of Chambord wasn’t the only one who did this within the 244 affiliated kingdoms.

Helping the soldiers to find women was a method that many kings believed to be the most effective in terms of relieving stress and raising morale.

On Azeroth Continent, satisfying the soldiers was one of the ancient traditions. Many powerful empires would have a number of so-called “Comfort Women” in the military. These women were there either voluntarily or being forced. Some of them were from poor households, some of them were from big families that had collapsed, and some of them were slaves of wars. The military would compensate them in little amounts for letting the soldiers and low-level officials venting off their stress.

Even though this was a tradition, a lot of people in the camp area were shocked by the king of Chambord’s generosity.

The women in the campsite of Chambord were from a place called “Golden Cave”. The king of Chambord had spent hundreds of thousands of gold coins to invite them here. It was heard that these women would stay at Chambord’s campsite until the competition was over. Before that, they would be comforting the soldiers of Chambord who were in a state of high-stress.

After seeing this, even the princes of various affiliated kingdoms wanted to become a part of Chambord to indulge themselves in these seductive women.

The “Golden Cave” in St. Petersburg was a place that many men wanted to visit, but most of them weren’t qualified and rich enough to enter.


In Chambord’s campsite.

After one dance was over, the drummer changed the music.

The passionate women started to invite the soldiers who were sitting on the side clapping to dance with them.

Faced with the invitation, the northern men who were from the remote region were a little shy. After the encouragement from everyone, a few brave Bylaw Enforcement Officers got up and participated in the dances with a blush on their faces.

Faced with the beautiful, nicely-dressed, and sweet-scented women, the brave men of Chambord who weren’t afraid of charging into enemies were “timid”. Even Pierce and Drogba who were bold were a little stiff when they were dancing.

Fei who was half-lying on the central stone throne tried his best to hold back his prankster-like smile after seeing this.

This idea wasn’t Fei’s.

The first person who made this recommendation was the old man Zolasc; he was the person who had the most experience with everything.

When Fei first heard it, he was shocked. “Wouldn’t I be like a pimp?” He thought.

After Zolasc explained the “honor” tradition of Azeroth Continent to Fei, Fei really thought about it. With the medical knowledge he got from his previous life, he was afraid that the soldiers of Chambord might get STDs if they couldn’t hold back and went for the cheap prostitutes in the camp area; there would be more issues associated with that. Also, if he ordered the soldiers from stop engaging in such activity, it would be too “cruel” for his men.

After some thoughts, Fei decided to go all in and invited a lot of women from the “Golden Cave” by using a lot of money and the connection with Manager Redknapp of Soros’ Merchant Group. He decided to take care of this issue once-for-all.

“Our men can defeat the strongest enemies, and they can also enjoy the most expensive women.

When Redknapp first heard the request, he was stunned for a while. Afterward, he had to double confirm with Fei about his requests before it was taken care of.

The crackling noises of the fire were loud, and the party was at its climax. Gradually, the northern men got comfortable with some help from the alcohol, and the atmosphere was lively as it was filled with laughter.

Fei was smiling like a kid as he watched.

At this moment, he felt like he wasn’t a king who enjoyed the nobles status in the empire, but rather an old folk who liked to gossip with neighbors.

Angela was wearing the furry coat made from the fur of the blue fox, and she was sitting next to Fei quietly.

The big coat fitted her well. It didn’t look fat; rather, it contrasted with the long and white neck of the girl. The sweet smile on the girl’s beautiful white face was mesmerizing in the light of the campfire.

The future queen was picking out fruits from the basket in from of her and feeding them into Fei’s mouth.

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  1. Vash the Stampede

    Well it raises something, that’s for sure

  2. Mandorain

    every time they talk about Angela being the perfect wife im reminded that Fei cheated on her.

    • mukkaar

      Yeah, he promised to Elena to make it public pretty much at start of their relationship -.- It has been annoying me ever since.

    • Deku

      He’s a king. He didn’t cheat on her. Kings are known to have many concubines and sometimes many wives. The only problem I personally have with it is the fact he hasn’t told her about the other woman yet. I’m sure he has his reasons though.

      • WirlWind

        The fact that he did it behind her back = cheating.

        If he’d just said ‘she’s my 2nd wife now’ right after and explained it, s--t could have been avoided and she would have been added to the harem by now, hugging on his other arm.

        • Nuex Mark

          he came from the 21st century things like that are hard to explain especially to a beautiful fiance his mindset in not from the azeroth world where kings have many wives..from here on out i think he just taking his time for the confession to come

  3. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  4. BellCross Wolfstein

    What ever the fck happened to Alexanded’s plan of confessing to Angela about him and Elena. I feel like he’s neglecting Elena in the real world.

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