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Hail the King Chapter 292.1

Chapter 292: One Other Man (Part One)

On both notes from Emperor Yassin, they emphasized that patience was important as it was hard to get all of the key points easily; it was also hard to pass through all the thresholds. However, when Fei tried, it was easy. As soon as he read the notes, his body was able to do exactly what the notes said. There was nothing in his way.

Fei also tried to teach Elena about the granular control and spiral force, but it seemed like Elena had a hard time understanding and comprehending the information.

Fei was confused since Elena was really smart, but he couldn’t figure it out.

When Fei left Diablo World, it was already late at night.

Angela and Emma were in their deep sleep, so were the eight girls who acted as maids.

Fei walked out of the central tent, and a cold wind blew at him. The winter was getting colder and colder. The camp area was finally getting quiet, and only a few lights and torches were on. There were still some people walking on the street at this time though.

The party in Chambord’s campsite was over.

There were a few more fancy and golden new tents in the campsite; those were the temporary residence of the women from St. Petersburg.

Although these tents weren’t magic items, they weren’t cheaper than Chambord’s tents. Golden patterns and symbols filled the tents, and the tents looked luxurious. There was one tent that was smaller and more luxurious than the others; it was the residence of that mysterious “madam”.

Even at this time, Chambord’s guard didn’t go down.

There were fifty Bylaw Enforcement Officers who were patrolling the campsite with armors and weapons, and the checkpoints and watchtowers were filled with soldiers. The protection of Chambord didn’t fall back because of the victory during the day and the party during the night. Fei saw Cech-Peter who was in a black cape watching the night, and he also saw Pierce and Drogba who were patrolling around the river in the cold.

Fei was satisfied with what he saw.

He nodded and switched to Assassin Mode. Without catching anyone’s attention, he dashed towards Moro Mountains as he passed through numerous checkpoints and campsites.


Moro Mountains, [Huge Pit] Battlefield.

Under the starlight, the mysterious warrior stood on a huge piece of rock on the edge of the battlefield. Behind him, there were a ton of beautiful, firework-like, colliding warrior energies. This peaceful yet explosive scenery looked strangely mesmerizing.

Without moving, the mysterious man watched Fei as he tried to get through the most powerful magic array in the area by using that “ugly dance”.

Although this mysterious man was used to the king of Chambord getting through magic arrays this way, he still had to praise Fei in his mind.

What Fei didn’t know was that the mysterious warrior returned to the battlefield last night after he left. The man tried to mimic Fei’s strange movement and get pass a magic array. Although this man was much more powerful than Fei, he was only able to last one minute. After that, he couldn’t control his muscles granularly and triggered a magic pathing……

The mysterious warrior had many ways of getting into the [Huge Pit] Battlefield without triggering the magic arrays, but they were very different from Fei’s method which was insane and unimaginable.

This made the mysterious man rate Fei even higher.

A cold breeze blew by.

After Fei got through the magic array, he forced himself to use the methods in the purple scroll to train his spiritual power, despite the fact that his body was sore and his head hurt a little from depleting the spiritual power. Also, he was sitting in front of the mysterious man; he was showing all of his vulnerability points.

However, the mysterious man was shocked once more. Although his expression looked calm, he carefully observed Fei numerous times as if he was looking at a monster.

He did that because he found out that the king of Chambord’s strength increased again!

It was unbelievable.

It seemed like all of the barriers and thresholds that normal warriors faced during the path of cultivation didn’t exist! It seemed like if this king wanted, he could get stronger rapidly!

The mysterious man had only seen one other man achieve this kind of unimaginable results!

Now, the king of Chambord was the second.

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